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Online masters degree

For some people, learning is a lifelong pursuit. If you're driven by a desire to push yourself forward and unlock new opportunities, then continuing your education with a master's degree from Ashford could be a rewarding decision.

Higher education creates continuous opportunities for self-improvement and advancement while enabling people to make a bigger difference in the world. Whether you recently received your bachelor's degree or you're finally ready to take the next step in your career, earning your online master's degree from Ashford University could be a key component to realizing your educational and professional goals.

Advantages of an Ashford Online Master's Degree

For many working students, going back to graduate school hasn't always been an option. If you're returning to the classroom after some time in the workforce or you plan to support yourself through school, meeting your day-to-day obligations while in school could become complicated.

The need to juggle work, family, and a personal life is a significant obstacle for many graduate students, which is why we've designed our online master's degree programs to provide the maximum amount of freedom and flexibility so you can learn on your schedule. Ashford lets you access course materials and resources from your mobile device and collaborate beyond the confines of a traditional brick-and-mortar school using the latest tools and technology.

In a job market where credentials increasingly matter, being able to stand out is essential for any job seeker. If you're feeling stalled in your career or want to make a calculated shift, a master's degree can help build specific skills, and signal to employers that you have the discipline, experience, and commitment to bring added value to their organization. Learn more about our master's programs below.

Ashford Online MBA

An online master's degree from the Forbes School of Business at Ashford University can prepare you to be a leader in the business world. Whether you're looking for a strong foundation in best practices and recent developments, or you want to build your unique skillset with a specialized MBA (accounting, public administration, organizational management, or another field), you can find an online master's degree in business from Ashford University that fits your vision for the future.

Online Master's Degree in Education

If your commitment to improving the lives of others through education runs deep, put that passion and dedication to greater use with a master's degree in one of three education disciplines from Ashford University. Whether you're interested in special education, general education, or the application of technology in the educational arena, the master's degree programs from Ashford's College of Education are designed to give you a strong foundation. These programs can increase specialization in curriculum development, instruction, assessment, leadership, and other critical areas of education, depending on the program you choose.

Online Master's Degrees in Health Care and Criminal Justice

The chance to make positive change in the world is one of the greatest rewards that comes with taking your education and skills to new heights. Students who pursue an online master's degree in health care administration psychology or criminal justice from Ashford University are committed to applying their passion for helping people in a way that can have far-reaching effects in their communities. Explore these advanced courses of study online to discover all that they offer.

Whether you're looking to shape future generations, the world of business, or the people and communities around you, a master's degree from Ashford University can give you the tools and confidence you need to make an impact. Explore our programs today to discover what your future could look like.



Written by Ashford University staff

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