Support for Online Education: Meet CHAMPS

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Earning your degree online provides more support than you might think. Attending classes on the World Wide Web provides you with precisely that -- a web of resources, instructors, tutorials, and peers who act as your safety net and guide through the online education journey. Chief among those resources at Ashford University is the CHAMPS mentorship program. The Collaborative, Holistic, Academic Mentoring for Peer Success, (CHAMPS) program matches high-achieving, upper-division students (mentors) with new students (mentees) who are just entering the online classroom. Mentors help students adjust to the online college experience and assist with any issues that may come up, and their support can come in many forms. We asked mentors to share some of their best advice with incoming students.


Help for Questions Big and Small


“If you have any questions or concerns, or just need help navigating the website and course pages, always, always reach out to your mentor. We are here to help you whenever you need it.”

-Marisa Holleman

“For students that are first starting, I always say ‘keep your head up.’ Online classes are a lot to handle. It is a lot of personal responsibility. Success is firmly in your hands.”

-Rickey Eberhardt

“Talk with your Enrollment Services Advisor about various tutorials you can watch or virtual walk-throughs and tools that you can participate in so as to familiarize yourself with your new online environment. Anything you can do to get ahead of the curve is to your benefit.”

-Renee Sus

“Sometimes coming back to school in an unfamiliar environment can be overwhelming, so just breathe! Reaching out to the CHAMPS program and communicating your needs to your advisors will assist greatly in not only getting your needs met but also in helping you to self-advocate.”

-Cheryl Riga

“Taking the non-traditional route for college can seem challenging, but there are many great resources and people in your corner to make this journey as smooth as possible!”

-Caitlin Johnson

Lessons in Time Management

“My recommendation for you is first to set a time schedule that will allow you time each day to read and research all material and paper guidelines prior to writing your first posting.”

-Warren Green

“Utilize all the programs offered to help you become a better student. Ashford has many programs such as writing, grammar checks, and the library. They also have 24-hour chats in most of these programs. Time management is an important skill to gain within yourself. When you can balance school, work, and personal functions, it will make your time at Ashford pleasant.”

-Machele Carter

“My advice to new students is to get to know your Student Portal and the resources available to you, and to stay on task with your discussions and assignments. Use good time management, and get yourself on a schedule.”

-Marie Baker

“Keep a planner and schedule yourself at a reasonable study pace. A good rule of thumb is to spend a few hours a day studying and doing assignments. Also, annotate your textbooks! Highlight, underline, and make notes that will help you succeed!”

-Samia Ahmed

With the wealth of resources and articles at your disposal, it is Ashford University’s hope and mission that every student succeeds. Remember that you are not alone in this journey, especially with CHAMPS by your side.



Questions? Talk with an Advisor

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