Teacher Appreciation: Who’s Your Favorite Ashford University Instructor?

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A teacher’s role is not just to implant knowledge and facts, but also to stimulate conversation and critical thinking, and inspire students to see the world in new ways. In the online learning environment, instructors face the unusual challenge of not being able to see students face-to-face; they can’t tell by looking at a student whether or not that student is receiving a message as it was intended. Because communication between teacher and student is limited to discussion boards and emails, writing and tone is critical to success for both sides.


To celebrate National Teacher Appreciation Day, Forward Thinking asked Ashford University students to call out their favorite instructors on Facebook and explain how these men and women do their best to bring a new dimension to the online classroom. Here are just a few of the many responses:


Peggi C.: “Martin McAuliffe by far!!!! I had him for 3 classes during my BA and had the distinct pleasure of meeting him at graduation last October. He pushes you to your full potential, and he is awesome!”


Jessica B.: “Instructor Amy Breitenbucher! I had my baby when I was taking her class, and she did an amazing job of working with me on the week I had my baby. She was very supportive and understanding of my situation. Academically speaking she did a great job of helping me think critically about discussion post prompts to further expand my learning. She was a great instructor.”


Kenneth T.: “Instructor William McHugh has been one of my best instructors in the year I've attended Ashford. He interacts with students and shares interesting, but relevant information that helps you succeed in his course. I also was faced with my biggest fear recently, the loss of my mother. He sent a genuine and sincere message letting me know that he would work with me through such a traumatic time in my life. I am truly appreciative for the professionalism that all of Ashford’s faculty continues to display. I would recommend Ashford University to anyone who's in search of an online school.”


LaTasha D.: “Dr.Chastity Miller is by far my best instructor because she relates to each of her students. She always gives positive inspiration and when I wasn't sure of an assignment she would go the extra step to make sure I had a thorough understanding. [She] wants to see all of her students succeed throughout this journey but also in life's journey.”


Scott G.: “I've enjoyed almost every instructor in my three years at Ashford, but the one that stands out to me the most is Eric Royer. I had him for Political Science and he really made it one of the best classes I have taken here at Ashford. He was tough, but he used his life experiences and asked each of us to do the same to bring real life applications to the course. I was dreading the course prior to the start, but I learned so much about governments worldwide and expanded my ability to think critically. Eric was great in creating that critical thought process by challenging us throughout the entire course.”


Snookie C.: “I have had some wonderful professors, but Dr. Newton Miller stands out the most. He is an awesome instructor. He makes each student feel like they are a part of a family in his classroom. He goes above and beyond his duties to make sure you understand the work. He is very compassionate about teaching and learning from his students. He gives his students a personal shout out each week when they have excelled in a particular discussion. He made returning to school for my Master’s degree such a wonderful experience.”


Ansleigh N.: “Dr. [Peter] Trzop! American Government. He was amazing, and really nice! He put forward the utmost effort, and was very understanding. He was exactly what I expected from a college instructor and his class met my expectations 100 percent. He explained why and how I made the mistakes I made and told me ways I could avoid them in the future! He genuinely cared about all of his students. I email him from time to time to see how he is doing!‬”


Another student commented on Ansleigh’s thread:


Melissa W.: “This man truly cares about his students!! Dr. Trzop goes the extra mile with every student to make sure they succeed. Dr. Trzop is the reason I have stayed in college and didn't give up‬.”


Students who didn’t get a chance to leave a note for their favorite instructor ahead of National Teacher Appreciation Day can still let them know by commenting on the Ashford University Facebook page.


Written by Jason R. Latham, Content Manager for Bridgepoint Education.


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