The Importance of Writing Well & How to Grow as a Writer

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Writing is an essential part of college, but it’s also essential for most professions, your personal life, and your community participation. You may not realize just how much writing you do—an email to your boss or employees, a note to your child’s teacher, your resume and cover letter, a survey about improvements to your city or neighborhood, or a text asking your partner to do something for you. We are all writers and communicators!

Reasons to improve your writing

1. Writing has become the #1 way we communicate with others.

We do more writing as a society than ever before. It has now become the primary way we gather information and interact and connect with others. Improving your written communications allows you to confidently communicate with everyone.


Writing is often the first impression that others have of us.

2. People judge you based on your writing.

Our writing is often the first impression that others have of us. People often read our writing before ever meeting us face to face. Errors or disorganized or incomplete thoughts in our writing lead others to make assumptions about our intelligence and our character.


3. You’re more likely to get what you want with clear and direct writing.

Writing is a form of communication. We often communicate in order to request something of someone. If the one reading your request cannot fully understand or locate what you need from them, you are not likely to get your request fulfilled.


4. Writing is an essential job skill.

Even if you don’t do a lot of writing on the job (which is rare), you still communicate in other ways. Improving your writing helps you to become a better communicator overall and it also improves your reading, which is another essential job skill. And your ability to write a well-crafted application, resume, and cover letter are the first step to getting a job.


5. Writing expresses your thinking skills.

Disorganized writing could indicate that your thinking is disorganized. If your writing is not fully developed, it could indicate that you have not fully developed your thoughts. Improving your writing skills will improve the way you think about your topic and help you explain or discuss it with your reader.


How to get writing support to help you improve.

1. Look at writing samples and guides on writing.
Use the Writing Center’s website to find guides on writing and samples of different kinds of writing. This DIY resource will always be available to you to help you grow as a writer.

2. Get writing questions answered.

Use the Writing Center’s 24/7 writing chat support to chat directly with a writing expert who can answer all your writing related questions as you have them. This support is free to you as an Ashford student and is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year.


3. Get feedback on your writing.

Have someone read your writing and offer feedback on what seemed unclear, incomplete, or any questions they were left with that could be cleared up within your writing. You can also get writing feedback from a writing expert by using the Writing Center’s paper review service to get feedback on your writing within 24 hours. When you do get feedback, this guide can help you to apply that feedback to improve your writing.


4. Use a proofreading tool.

As the final step of your writing process, use Grammarly to help you catch any minor grammatical, punctuation, and style errors you might have missed. As an Ashford student, you have access to a free premium Grammarly account.


The reasons you have for improving your writing skills affect all areas of your life—academic, professional, civic, and personal. So use the supports provided here to help you to continue to grow as a great communicator!



Written by Millie Jones, Writing Center.

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