The Power of Millennials in the Workplace

By kwiechert

Power of Millennials

Leaders can transform the challenges of the current millennial generation into opportunities; these “challenges” are less the responsibility of the individual millennial, and can serve rather as an opportunity for organizations’ current leaders to adapt to the modern workplace. Now, it’s time to unveil the true power of our millennial workforce. By embracing the unique skillset that millennials bring to an organization, we are able to recognize that the millennial generation possesses inherent qualities that other generations simply aren’t privy to. The power of millennials in the workforce can be the ticket to transforming organizational systems and optimizing success.

The neuroanatomy of leadership doesn’t have to be driven by hardcore stigmas. In fact, quite the opposite can be true when we capitalize on the talent, skill, and aptitude of our millennial workforce. The key here is weaving their strengths into the way we lead. By doing so, we also strengthen our own leadership.

Capitalizing on Millennial Talent

It’s not uncommon for organizational leaders to resist some of the more foreign tendencies our millennials bring to the workplace. Yet, by transforming our mindsets, we can and should capitalize on the talents that millennials have to offer. The first step is reconsidering traditional leadership practices.

Many hire for skill, but our priorities should be hiring for attitude. This difference is where much of the gift that millennials offer comes into play. With certain general requirements, millennial talent can be trained and molded into what a company needs. The great news is that millennials are inherently more flexible. They are intrinsically motivated. The millennial generation is tenacious and driven. They possess the knowledge that a company needs when it comes time to navigate modern change, especially in terms of technology and technology-driven systems.

Millennials have grown up watching everything that has gone on in our external (and especially political) environment, and tend to genuinely care about ‘the bigger picture.’ Given this vantage point, the millennial generation is socially responsible, and comes to the workplace with a strong ethical core. These traits all point back to the reality that they possess a collaborative spirit.

Because millennials generally appreciate consistent feedback and come into the workforce very well educated, they are in a prime position to be molded into future leaders. It is essential to take advantage of the power that millennials bring to the workforce and to provide them with continuous opportunities for growth.

If you haven’t already noticed, millennials can be some of the most valuable employees when we take the time to meet their needs, while providing the space they need to thrive. This generation is also amazingly innovative and ready to take the world by storm when given the chance. However, we can’t (and won’t) truly reap the benefits of the unique millennial generation if we don’t shift the leadership paradigm mindset.

Transform your workplace by capitalizing on the power of your millennial workforce and watch how well your organization transforms. I guarantee that with proper leadership, you will see the benefits all the way down to your bottom line.



Written by Dr. Jennifer Beaman, faculty member in the Forbes School of Business & Technology™


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