Tips for Student Success in 2018

Student success

With the New Year comes renewed energy and a common urge to realize our vision for the year ahead. For some, new year’s resolutions include exercise and time with family. For others, it’s deciding how to better allocate our time to emphasize self-care. And for most of us pursuing a degree, academic ambitions remain high on the list.

Keeping in line with efforts around education, we asked staff members from our Enrollment and Student Services departments two different questions. The first was, “What is your idea of a successful student?” and the second question was, “What Ashford resources do you hope every student will utilize while pursuing their degree?” 

Here are a few tips to get you started, and be sure to check out this month’s video for the full scoop.


“A successful student is one that stays focused, understands the importance of their education, and tries their very best in each and every course. It is very difficult to manage work, family, and school, but a student that can balance and prioritize these aspects will be successful." – Jacquelyn Bullis, Academic Advisor

“I hope every student utilizes their enrollment services advisor and student advisor to the fullest while pursuing their degree here. Do not be afraid to ask questions. I also hope that every student utilizes their student portal resources; such as the writing center, library, and career services." – Roni Moore, Enrollment Services Advisor

We hope your 2018 is off to a great start and wish you success in the year ahead. Happy New Year!


Written by Ashford University staff


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