Top Reasons to Pursue an Online Master’s Degree

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You may have heard it said that a master's degree is the new bachelor's. Whether entirely true or not, this sentiment reflects our reality. As job markets become more competitive and as college attendance continues to rise, being able to stand out in a crowded applicant pool is of increasing importance.

Savvy job-seekers are turning to the master's degree as a means to demonstrate their extra value to employers. Whether it's the versatile and popular MBA or a master's in any number of specialized fields, earning an advanced degree can be a wise move. Today, online learning makes going back to school more accessible than ever, and the reasons to pursue your master's degree are more numerous than they've ever been before.

A Master's Degree Pays Off

One of the primary reasons people choose to pursue an advanced degree is for the financial payoff. The higher level of education you have, the higher your earnings potential could be. Even for recent graduates in the 25 to 34 year old range, master's degree holders are shown to earn more on average than those with a bachelor's or below. In fact, both personal income and median monthly household income for master's degree recipients have risen over the last two decades.

Expand Your Knowledge, Boost Your Career

Of course, one essential reason a master's degree can lead to higher earnings is because the specialized learning can qualify you for better jobs and promotions over your career. The advanced skills and knowledge you acquire in a master's degree program can make you a more valuable employee, able to take on larger roles that include more responsibilities and more complex job functions.

The simple fact that you've earned your master's degree tells employers something valuable about you. Earning an advanced degree shows your enthusiasm for intellectual growth and your commitment to going above and beyond what many consider the standard level of college achievement. A master's degree can demonstrate your self-discipline, motivation, dedication, and can help signal to employers that you're worth more than a simple subject-matter expert.

Earning Your Master's Online

For those who see the benefits of earning a master's degree but are put off by the obstacles that going back to a traditional school presents, an online master's degree program can be a great fit. For working adults, the flexibility that online learning affords is nothing short of a game-changer. No longer constrained by location or the scheduling limitations of a brick-and-mortar school, online students are allowed the freedom to learn when and where it suits their busy lives.

At Ashford University, we offer multiple online master's degree programs in fields as diverse as education, health care, business and more. Rigorous programs led by experienced and qualified faculty help position our graduates for rewarding careers in areas that they're passionate about. Advanced technologies for on-the-go learning let you fit school into your life, rather than the other way around. A graduate education is more accessible than ever before.

In a constantly changing economy and job market, savvy people know what it takes to stand out and succeed. Whether you want to kick-start a new career or give your existing prospects a boost, pursuing your online master's degree can pay dividends today and far into the future as well.



Written by Ashford University staff

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