Why Should You Study at Ashford University?

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Having more options in life is a good thing, but sometimes too many choices can be overwhelming. When it comes to your college education, how do you decide which school (not to mention which degree), is the best fit for you?

Picking the right college is an important and complicated decision that no one should take lightly. Find answers to the critical questions you have about when and where to pursue your college degree right here at Ashford University.

Consider Convenience and Flexibility

Not long ago, attending college meant moving away from the life you know to attend classes at predetermined places on someone else's schedule. The limitations of brick-and-mortar campuses—Including the expenses that they entail,--made college inaccessible for many people.

Technology has changed all of that. The online degree programs at Ashford afford students the flexibility to learn how, when, and where it suits them best. For working adults, the convenience of online learning is nothing short of a revolution. Juggling kids, work, and other responsibilities can be daunting when considering going back to school, which is why Ashford University’s online degree programs are specifically designed to make learning convenient and effective for even the busiest students.

Degree Options for Every Interest

Filter our degrees to find programs that are tailored to your unique interests and goals. Ashford University is composed of four distinct colleges – the Forbes School of Business and Technology, the College of Liberal Arts, the College of Education, and the College of Health, Human Services and Science. Collectively these four schools offer more than 50 bachelor's degree programs in focus areas ranging from classic humanities disciplines to cutting-edge technology systems.

All the online associate degree, bachelor's degree and master's degree programs at Ashford University are designed to develop critical skills that will give you a leg up in today's increasingly competitive job market. Explore your options to decide on the best investment for your future educational and career prospects.

Easy Credit Transfers

You may be eligible to transfer both traditional and non-traditional credits toward your degree requirements at Ashford University so you can reduce the amount of time it takes to earn your diploma. Traditional credits are those earned at two and four year institutions. Non-traditional credits can be earned through military training, professional experience, certifications, and life or work experience. Applying transfer credits can accelerate your path toward earning your online degree.

You Deserve It

The best reason to pursue your degree at Ashford University is also the simplest reason. You deserve it. Nothing should stand in the way of your dreams. Education transforms lives, and we can't wait to help you shape the life you've always imagined.



Written by Ashford University staff

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