Why Students Should Use Ashford’s Free Tutoring Supports

By bcummings

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We believe 1-on-1 tutoring helps students perform better in their courses and stay in school. Why? Because we have data, of course! We also hear from students that tutoring support saves time, helps to more effectively complete assignments, and helps to better understand the material. Students are able to receive free writing and library tutoring in all courses, as well as subject tutoring in some of the toughest courses. 

What the Data Showpaper review data

Students who use tutoring supports, versus students who do not use tutoring, show a significant increase in pass rates and lower drop and fail rates. We took this argument into account and compared users to non-users as a whole, and users to non-users who are most characteristically like the users. 

The data holds true—students who use tutoring services are more likely to succeed in their course and move on to the next course! 

What Your Fellow Students are Saying about Tutoring

recommend tutoring graphicI sent an email to my professor regarding the question and then it came to my memory of the tutor being available 24 hours a day. This is important for me as I work 3rd shift.” –student referring to subject tutoring

"I leave for work at 5 am, and I don't get home until sometimes as late as 7:30-8 pm, so the fact that the math teacher isn't teaching, makes this tool very handy." –student referring to subject tutoring

"You saved me! I've been searching for days and you could have helped me in minutes. Lesson learned...ask the librarian. Thank you.” –student referring to library tutoring

“I was ready to not do this assignment. Or try to drop this class. But I think I might be able to get it done now.” –student referring to library tutoring

“So glad y’all are part of this academic journey; you make it less stressful and more fun.” –student referring to library tutoring

“I got a response in a very timely manner and with feedback that will help make my final draft stronger.” –student referring to writing tutoring

“I love the tutors because they don’t make me feel stupid and are happy to help with anything.” –student referring to writing tutoring

“It is always good to have someone check over my work before submission. I love this service!!!” –student referring to writing tutoring

Need More Proof?

Don’t take our word for it! The outcomes can be seen in the Ashford Student Success Team’s 2017 study to determine the effectiveness of the tutoring provided to students. Paper Review and 24/7 writing, library, and subject tutoring each result in higher pass rates, lower drop and fail rates, and higher points earned.

Subject Tutoring

  • Users of subject-matter tutoring have a higher persistence in completing their next 4 courses over non-users.
  • Students who use subject-matter tutoring have a 10.17% higher pass rate than non-users.

library data chart

Library Tutoring

  • Learners who used library tutoring had better pass, fail, and drop rates than those who did not.
  • Overall, library tutoring users earned significantly higher points in a course than non-users.

Writing Tutoring

  • Those who use Paper Review have a pass rate of 94% while those who do not have a pass rate of 71%.
  • Overall, those who used 24/7 live writing tutoring and those who used Grammarly earned significantly more points in a course than those who did not.    

What Ashford Students Can Do NOW!

Tutoring is available 24/7, so you can work with a tutor any time!

Log into your Canvas classroom and click the “Writing Center & Library” tab in the left navigation bar to get writing and library tutoring. Not all courses currently offer subject tutoring. To find out if your course offers it, look for the “Tutoring on Demand” tab in the left navigation menu of your course. canvas location chart

When entering into a live tutoring session 

  • Review the week’s assignments.
  • Complete all the week’s required readings.
  • Come with specific questions or items you need help with. 
  • Use a quiet space where you can focus on the conversation. 
  • Have your course materials with you.
  • Take notes.
  • Apply what you’ve learned when completing future assignments. 

Keep in mind that tutoring is not just for students who are struggling in a course or on an assignment. Working with an expert in writing, researching, or a subject is simply part of the learning process. Even experts seek out mentors and coaches to help them to perform at their best. Using Ashford’s free tutoring supports can help you to perform at your best in school!



Written by Millie Jones, Writing Center



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