10 Ways to Stay Informed in Public Administration

By Ashford University Staff

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Taking the lead in public administration can seem like a daunting (albeit exciting) task. With so many rules and regulations of which you need to be aware, it’s crucial that you stay up-to-date with the latest information, policies, tactics, and governmental procedures set in place. Whether you’re still working toward your public administration degree or are well into your career, this list of public administration resources can help you leverage your position and stay current on governmental trends. Find out which resources can help you today.

1. The American Society for Public Administration

The ASPA offers information in all forums within the public service arena. Find the latest informative articles, detailed news stories, current events, and information for students and new professionals to help further your career in public administration.

2. National Public Radio

Tune into NPR to listen to news about today's current events. Along with podcasts and audio, you can find articles that explain local and national news that may relate to you and your career in non-profit organizations or in a position within local, state, or federal government.

3. Government and Leadership Books

This list includes 8 essential books on government leadership. Use these books to stay at the top of your game by learning how to succeed in your first 90 days in government, motivate and inspire your people, and what the future of government may look like, keeping you at the top of your game.

4. Book List for Those Who Want to Make a Change

If you joined public administration with the goal of changing current government and politics, check out this book list from The Atlantic. This extensive list includes authors who have shaped recent culture in this field, especially during the latest presidential election. Read up on tales from directors of the National Domestic Workers Alliance, stories of the court cases that allow women to be treated fairly in the workplace, and even a book from Barack Obama himself to stay inspired and motivated to take your place in public administration.

5. The New York Times

For the latest updates in government and politics, check up on The New York Times. They have a section dedicated specifically to United States politics and government, complete with commentary, news stories, fact checkers, opinion pieces, and more. With such diverse writers speaking from different perspectives, you're sure to get plenty of details and information about what's currently going on in this country's political organizations.

6. PBS Video Series

For a quick recap on US government and politics, go to the crash course listed on PBS. Here, you can be updated on crucial aspects of government, like checks and balances, the Bicameral Congress, Federalism, and more. These videos are a great way to stay aware of important policies while you're still working toward your public administration degree.

7. To the Point

An excellent podcast relating top news stories and current national issues, To the Point keeps you in-the-know of everything going on in recent governmental and political tactics, doctrines, war updates, strategies, and other interesting information. Stay current on all front-page issues and major news facts with the award-winning journalist Warren Olney.

8. 75 Most Influential Articles from the Public Administration Review

We love this list. The Public Administration Review (PAR) has sorted through thousands of its own articles since the publication's inception in 1940. Then, they created a list of the 75 most influential PAR articles that have had an impact on not only how they run their publication, but also how current government and politics are seen, created, decided on, and much more. Check out this in-depth list to learn more about historical and current governmental practices.

9. The Public Administration Theory Network

Built with established members in academics, government, and public service, the Public Administration Theory Network brings people around the world together to critically understand the government and its administration. They offer incredible resources and information on public administration theory to keep you well-informed.

10. The United Nations Public Administration Network

Linking regional and national public administration institutions, the United Nations Public Administration Network is a great resource to find credible information and promote better public administration. Check this resource regularly to find the latest updates from members' meetings, detailed articles, upcoming public administration events, and more.

So much information is right at your fingertips! Browse our list of resources to help you stay well-informed on all aspects of public administration, from new governmental policies to detailed information and facts about front page news. By staying current on all topics of government, you can help your career thrive.



Written by Ashford University staff

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