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Associate of Arts in Military Studies

Examine the history of conflict and the role of the American military. Use your knowledge to promote yourself and your career. Earn your Associate of Arts in Military Studies from Ashford University.

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What you will learn

The Associate of Arts in Military Studies combines a broad general-education curriculum with studies specific to the United States military, including government, politics, and the role of the military as a peacekeeping force. This program enables you to earn a degree while expanding your knowledge of America and the world. Upon completion of your Associate of Arts in Military Studies degree program, you will be able to:

  • Develop logical reasoning skills at a level useful in decision making and problem-solving activities.
  • Develop the ability to communicate written ideas clearly.
  • Explain the concept of power and how it can be exercised.
  • Apply historical events or perspectives to the study of the military.
  • Assess how international relations relates to the study of the military.
  • Examine the role of the military as an instrument for the preservation of peace, as well as the waging of war.
  • Identify moral and ethical issues related to the military.

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Your Courses in Military Studies

Promote yourself and your career – earn your Associate of Arts in Military Studies. Your courses in this 64-credit program focus on topics important to the military, such as politics, history, and peacekeeping.

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Program Requirements

Careers in Military Studies

While Associate of Arts in Military Studies graduates do not have to pursue a career in the military, this degree does provide an excellent foundation if you are interested in military and department of defense related occupations. This degree can also prepare you for continued studies at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Take a look at your potential career options.

Military Studies Careers

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