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Master of Public Administration

Why Choose an Online Master of Public Administration Degree

Acquire public administration skills that are tailored to help you in your professional career. If you aspire to have a career in this area, then the Master of Public Administration (MPA) online degree program at Ashford University is for you. As a graduate of the online MPA degree program from Ashford University, you will gain a wide range of proficiencies in financial management, budgeting, quantitative methods, urban planning, redevelopment, and personnel management.

Whether you are currently in your career or looking to start one, earning an online Master of Public Administration degree can help you get to the next step in your career, while giving you the flexibility to keep pursuing whatever else you are passionate about. If you are interested in utilizing your current BA or BS degree to take your public service career even farther, then consider earning your master's degree online at Ashford University.

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What you will learn

With an online Master of Public Administration degree, you will perfect your interpersonal and management skills while gaining expertise in decision making, policy implementation, and managing personnel in ways that embrace quality and diversity. Upon completion of the Master of Public Administration online degree program, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate critical thinking skills relevant to public administration contexts
  • Evaluate the impact of political influences on the public sector decision-making process
  • Analyze the needs of various stakeholders in the development of public policy
  • Assess the effectiveness of public administration strategies for dealing with urban planning and redevelopment
  • Evaluate public administration trends and strategies for financing government operations
  • Assess the role and function of administration in today’s multicultural environment

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Your Courses in Public Administration

Broaden your professional horizons with the valuable knowledge you can acquire through the online Master of Public Administration program. Classes focus on relevant and valuable fields, including business principles and organizational management. These online courses in this graduate curriculum are taught by advance-degree faculty with real-world experience in the subjects they teach. Explore some of these online MPA courses in order to get a better understanding of some of the specific classes that are offered.

Major Course Requirements (36 credits, all courses are 3 credits.)

Careers in Public Administration

While many entry-level positions in government only require a Bachelor's degree; a Master's degree is required to advance to many senior management positions. Many graduates can hold positions across the broad spectrum of the sector. These positions can include careers in government service, the nonprofit sector, and even the military. The range of knowledge that can be achieved from an online MPA degree can prepare you for senior management positions, and take your public service career even farther. Take a closer look at your potential career options that can be achievable with an online MPA.

Public Administration Careers

Ashford’s Online MPA Degree Program

An online MPA degree from Ashford University includes many benefits that numerous traditional college campuses don’t offer. With 24/7 online service and support, you have the flexibility to work anywhere at any time you want, knowing that your questions and problems will be addressed at the click of a button.

Ashford also has some of the latest tools and technology to help students efficiently complete their Master of Public Administration degree online. These tools include free access to Microsoft 365 without a subscription, and the Ashford Constellation application, which provides easy access to course text and materials. These are just a few benefits that come from the Ashford Experience that make earning your online MPA worth the effort.

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