Prepare for the Future with a Political Science Degree

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Are you passionate about politics, public policy, and learning how complex government institutions work? If so, you'll want to check out Ashford’s Online Political Science Degrees information page. Find critical information you need to select the right political science degree to pursue the career of your dreams.

If you believe that an education and a career in politics or government is right for you but haven't yet decided on a specific focus, this page lets you explore degree options and course offerings so you can understand the educational course for your unique goals.

What a Political Science Degree Prepares You to Do

Earning a degree in political science can position you to enter a diverse array of fields. Possible jobs for political science majors include working with the government at the local, state, or federal levels in legislative and administrative capacities, careers in non-profits, international consulting, research, and other fields that exist at the intersection of public and private institutions. An online political science degree program can also be a strong launching point for a career as a non-profit director, international consultant, or public servant and lawmaker.

At Ashford University, you can earn your Bachelor’s in Political Science and Government and develop the necessary skills to conduct research, analyze data, develop policy, and ultimately shape change. You'll have access to courses that examine political behavior, power and authority, policy development, international relations, and conflict resolution.

You can also take strides toward a rewarding public service career with a Bachelor’s in Public Administration. This degree program covers urban management, budgeting and finance, political science and intergovernmental issues, and public policy development to prepare you for entry-level positions in the public sector. Students pursuing a Master of Public Administration will further sharpen their skills in financial management, budgeting, quantitative methods, urban planning, redevelopment, and personnel management.

Let Ashford University’s Online Political Science Degrees page help you determine the best next step for your specific career aspirations. Discover the information you need to find your perfect online political science degree program. Each degree is enlightening, engaging, and designed to enhance your skills and readiness for the professional world. You've spent enough time wondering what the future could hold – start shaping yours today.

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