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Bachelor of Arts in Social Science

Focus on human behavior and gain a broad perspective in the social sciences by studying areas of history, culture, psychology, and sociology during your pursuit of a Bachelor of Arts in Social Science degree online from Ashford University. You will develop a sound understanding of the society we live in by studying individuals, families, communities, governments, and cultures - from various perspectives. Ashford’s social science degree can provide you with a powerful academic foundation in the social sciences, and deeply develop your research, analytical, and communication skills that can all translate well to a wide variety of careers.

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What you will learn

Your degree in social science examines the implications of cultural diversity and helps you to acquire a foundation of research skills and methods from the social sciences, including history, psychology, and sociology. Benefit from a multidisciplinary approach, where the perspectives of different social sciences are combined and applied to real-world issues. Upon completion of the Bachelor of Arts in Social Science, you will be able to:

  • Evaluate fundamental social science concepts
  • Integrate knowledge from the social sciences to examine a variety of perspectives about contemporary issues
  • Evaluate the importance and influence of diversity within and among cultures and societies
  • Communicate theoretical perspectives, findings, and interpretations of contemporary issues in the social sciences
  • Analyze contemporary issues in the social sciences using critical thinking and ethical reasoning skills
  • Apply qualitative and quantitative research methods to explain and analyze issues of global and contemporary significance

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Your Courses in Social Science

Benefit from a multidisciplinary approach to social sciences, where the perspectives of different social sciences are combined and applied to real-world issues. Your curriculum includes coursework that aims to develop you and grow your understanding of the diversity found in the human interactions within institutions, communities, and families. These social science courses will specifically observe these human interactions in history, psychology, and global economics.

Introductory Courses
To help students acclimate to the online classroom, you may be required to complete Introductory Course requirements. Learn more about Introductory Courses.

Major Course Requirements (36 credits, all courses are 3 credits.)

Careers in Social Science

The core knowledge you gain with your degree in social science creates a solid foundation for a wide range of careers that concern people - understanding them, leading them, or helping them. Take a look at your potential social science career options below.

Social Science Careers

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Are you currently a licensed RN?

This program requires you to be a current licensed registered nurse. Please check out other programs to reach your education goals such as the BA in Health and Wellness.

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