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Master of Arts in Public Sociology

Take on the most pressing problems in society with the Master of Arts in Public Sociology degree from Ashford University. Standing at the forefront of sociological innovation, this master's degree in sociology approaches the field of study with an express focus on real-world applications for sociology. It involves engaging in open dialogue to deepen our collective understanding of public issues in a social context. By gaining a better understanding of how society operates, you can have tremendous value when developing programs and services that are designed to help those in social need. If you work well with others and are dedicated to making a real difference in society, then consider pursuing this master's degree in sociology from Ashford.

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What you will learn

In the Master of Arts in Public Sociology program, you will acquire the expertise and skills to apply sociological theory and research methods to address contemporary public issues and social problems in organizations and communities. During this master's degree in sociology, you will learn how to conduct social science research and employ applied policy-driven work, advocacy, and empirically-based problem-solving. Upon completion of the degree program, you will be able to:

  • Model knowledge of foundational and advanced sociological concepts; specifically, concepts of diversity, social responsibility, human rights, and dignity and respect for others in society 
  • Synthesize a variety of classical and contemporary sociological theoretical perspectives 
  • Integrate a broad range of varied research methodologies and ethical approaches within the sociological context 
  • Critically specify sociological issues in the local, national, and international context 
  • Devise solutions using sociological tools to impact societal issues in the local, national, and international context 
  • Propose strategies for management of projects, programs and resources in the field of public sociology; specifically within the role of community engagement, advocacy and activism in the local, national, and international context

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Your Courses in Public Sociology

The courses in the Master of Arts in Public Sociology program are all taught by experienced faculty members who have a wide range of professional experience in the field of sociology. You will be taught how to explore and how to tackle public issues and social problems in the real world beyond textbooks. 
Program Requirements: (30 credits, all courses are 3 credits.)

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Careers in Public Sociology

The Master of Arts in Public Sociology is an ideal choice if you are passionate about applying a deep knowledge of sociology to address major problems in society. After graduating with your master's in sociology, you can open yourself up to numerous career paths. Many sociology careers tend to be service-oriented, due to the degree's altruistic background. See some of the career paths you may be prepared to pursue with this online sociology degree: 


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