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Are you intrigued by the ever-changing nature of our society and others around the world? Do you find each social interaction to be unique? Do you seek a deeper understanding of societal, cultural, and organizational relationships?

A Multidisciplinary Approach to Social Science

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If you answered yes to any of the above questions, a degree in Social Science might be right for you. With Ashford’s online Bachelor of Arts in Social Science program, you can uncover the intricacies of social structure and interaction, and learn more about the relationships we form as human beings. With this program’s unique multidisciplinary approach, you can investigate numerous areas of study that feed into a more profound understanding of cultural diversity. Delve into courses relating to anthropology, communications, psychology, environmental studies, and more.

Delve into anthropology, communications, psychology, environmental studies, and more.

As you pursue a degree in social science, there are countless ways to apply the information you learn, given that we participate in social interactions each day. This program challenges you to interpret real-world scenarios, and analyze contemporary social issues as they relate to social science. From investigating the subconscious details of one-on-one interactions to evaluating the various forms of government structure around the globe, there are multiple applications for social science as it relates to our daily life.


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This versatile field allows you to pursue careers across multiple industries to educate and advise others on the roots of social interactions and improve the world we live in. Consider putting your degree into action by pursuing a career interpreting the social implications of various data, assisting others as a social psychologist, or helping unveil secrets of societies past working in media, information, and communications. This program’s unique interdisciplinary format will leave you equipped with widespread expertise of human interaction that can be applied in many ways.

Master the ins and outs of the society we live in, from a comprehensive vantage point down to the most personal interactions. Learn more about how to begin your journey in social science.



Written by Elizabeth Howard, Communications Intern for Bridgepoint Education.


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