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Social & Behavioral Science

Relationships are at the heart of just about every industry. People who understand why people behave the ways that they do, and how relationships work at interpersonal and community levels, can add tremendous value to a range of organizations. If you're ready to hone your understanding of human action and interaction, a social and behavioral science degree from Ashford University could be the right educational opportunity for you to launch your career in a field you love. Learn more about the major fields of study and potential careers you could pursue.

Classic Areas of Study

If you've ever considered earning a degree in psychology or sociology, then you're already familiar with two classic and popular social and behavioral science degree programs. If you have a love for learning about historical and contemporary cultures from around the world, you might enjoy another popular liberal arts major within this area of interest—our Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Anthropology.

The majors you'll find within Ashford University’s social and behavioral science degree programs include disciplines on the cutting edge of explorations into human behavior. As a cognitive studies major, you can learn about the brain and how we use it. In our Bachelor of Arts in Social Science degree program you can take a multidisciplinary approach to analyzing contemporary issues. Alternatively, you can apply what you've learned about individuals and communities with a degree in applied behavioral science.

Social & Behavioral Science Degree Career Opportunities

When you enroll in a social and behavioral science degree program at Ashford University, you'll prepare yourself for success in a wide range of possible career paths. Understanding the ins and outs of how and why people do the things they do is an asset that many organizations (both in private enterprise and the public sector) seek in job applicants. Students who earn their social and behavioral science degree from Ashford University have gone on to pursue careers in fields as varied as criminal justice, human resources, sales, mental health services, and more.

Some students prefer to use their Bachelor of Social and Behavioral Science as a stepping stone and continue into a graduate degree program that will further enhance their resume and skillset so they may have access to more advanced job possibilities. If you're hoping to one day achieve a graduate degree such as a Master's in Psychology, a social and behavioral science bachelor's degree from Ashford University can help to pave the way.

Our social and behavioral science degree programs provide you with the opportunity to explore what drives communities and the people within them, while giving you the skills and knowledge you need to make a difference in any number of vital professions where people and relationships are at the forefront. Be sure to check out our related articles on the Ashford blog to learn more about the trends impacting social and behavioral sciences today, and see how an Ashford University degree in this deep and highly relevant field can reveal opportunities you may have never thought possible.



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