Child Development Specialization

A degree with a specialization in Child Development prepares you to become a leader in the education field. If you specialize in child development, you will be able to supplement your specific degree program with courses designed to look specifically at topics such as family and community engagement, early childhood education, and early childhood curriculum. Your specialization may require prerequisite course work. Please talk to your advisor for more information. Learn more about the individual classes required for your specific degree.

Program Disclosures

Child Development Specialization for Graduate Degrees

Choose the Child Development specialization for your Master of Arts in Education degree to build awareness and understanding of the natural milestones in child development. The Child Development specialization allows you to examine developmentally appropriate methods for teaching young children. You will learn to establish partnerships with families and communities, customize instruction for specific learners, and identify developmental levels in education. This graduate degree specialization consists of four (4), three (3) credit courses.

Degrees Offering the Child Development Specialization

Graduate Child Development Specialization Courses

ECE 605 Children & Families in a Diverse Society

3 Credits

This course will provide a clear and practical introduction to multicultural and anti-bias issues and will aid students in developing culturally relevant methods in working with children and families in early childhood settings. 

ECE 630 Language, Physical & Social Development in Young Children

3 Credits

This course provides an introduction to the developmental stages of language acquisition, physical and social development in young children from birth to 6. The focus of the course is on the specific developmental milestones in young children. 

ECE 653 Cognitive Development of Infants & Young Children

3 Credits

This course deals with theories regarding cognitive development in children from birth to eight years of age including knowledge resulting from brain research. The relationship between the rate of cognitive development and overall development will be explored throughout the course. Students will apply this knowledge to design programs to meet the needs of children with varying needs and abilities. 

ECE 654 Assessment & Intervention in Early Childhood

3 Credits

This course explores the issues around early assessment and intervention with young children. Specific developmental concerns will be identified and intervention programs will be examined. 

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