Curriculum & Instruction Specialization

Sharpen the focus of your online education when you select your specialization for your degree program. Set your course to reach the pinnacle of your education career and benefit from opportunities to advance your career. Students enrolled in the Curriculum and Instruction specialization are required to complete 15 credits beyond the 24 credit core classes. Your specialization may require prerequisite course work. Please talk to your advisor for more information.

Curriculum & Instruction Specialization for Graduate Degrees

Be an agent for change. Focus your Master of Arts in Education degree with a specialization in Curriculum and Instruction to build the skills to develop both an engaging curriculum and a caring and responsive learning environment. The Curriculum and Instruction specialization covers such diverse topics as systems thinking, metacognition, and differentiated instruction. You will learn to introduce change in education by designing instructional models for increased achievement.

Program Disclosures

Degrees Offering the Curriculum & Instruction Specialization

Graduate Curriculum & Instruction Specialization Courses

EDU 615 Leading the Change Process in Curriculum & Instruction

3 Credits

The course will explore the role of the change agent in the identification, planning, implementation, and assessment of change initiatives for improved achievement. The impact of change on the individual, course, program, and system level will be studied. Research-based standards for successful leadership will be identified and applied as students examine the impact of administration and management on teaching and learning.

EDU 674 Foundations & Trends in Curriculum & Instruction

3 Credits

The course will provide an overview of the foundational pieces necessary for effective design and delivery of curriculum and instruction. Current trends will be compared and contrasted with brain-based research from the field. Emphasis will be placed on processes and procedures for developing both an engaging curriculum and a caring and responsive learning environment.

EDU 676 Curriculum & Instruction Design for Increased Achievement

3 Credits

The course will teach a backward design model for curriculum and instruction that emphasizes clear targets and goals for increased achievement. Curriculum integration and mapping techniques will be examined and implemented as students model the power of collaborative planning and individual reflection. A variety of delivery models will be explored.

EDU 677 Monitoring & Evaluating Curriculum & Instruction through Systems Thinking

3 Credits

The course will define and apply the concepts of differentiated instruction and systems thinking in the development of curriculum and instruction. Processes and procedures for monitoring and evaluating programs will lead to an understanding of the complexity of an effective change process for increased achievement.