Forensic Science Specialization

Personalize your degree program with a specialization. Each specialization focuses on a unique element that will further enhance your skills and prepare you for a larger range of responsibility within criminal justice. If you specialize in forensic science, you will be able to support your online degree with courses that include topics such as recognition, protection, documentation, and collection of physical evidence. Your specialization may require prerequisite course work. Please talk to your advisor for more information.

Forensic Science Specialization for Graduate Degrees

Personalize your Master of Science in Criminal Justice with a specialization in Forensic Science. Gain an understanding of the history of forensic science, along with learning the scientific techniques of processing evidence and learn the forensic techniques utilized in crime scene investigations. This graduate degree specialization consists of three (3), three (3) credit courses.

Program Disclosures

Degrees Offering the Forensic Science Specialization

Graduate Forensic Science Specialization Courses

CRJ 622 Introduction to Forensic Science

3 Credits

This course will introduce students to the history of forensic science along with current technologies, procedures and methods of laboratory analysis in use today. Topics covered will include recognition, protection, documentation and collection of physical evidence as well as analysis of such physical evidence. Legal recognition of new technologies will also be reviewed.

CRJ 627 Advanced Forensic Science

3 Credits

This course will review the forensic science subjects covered in CRJ 622 and introduce the student to the scientific techniques used in processing evidence found at investigations and crime scenes. This course is designed to allow the student to complete exercises in the forensic fields most commonly used today.

CRJ 632 Crime Scene Investigation & Management

3 Credits

This course will introduce the student to the forensic techniques utilized in crime scene investigations (CSI). Students will learn how to process and retrieve trace evidence such as DNA and other items of evidentiary value. Student will also learn accepted methodologies employed in contemporary crime scene management. Students will also become familiarized with commonly accepted forensic techniques, contemporary specialized techniques, and judicial expectations and requirements relative to the admittance of evidence collected by forensic crime scene investigators.

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