Health Care Informatics Systems Specialization

Learn the skills you need when faced with health challenges. You may choose to delve into other areas of health care and learn best practices for planning, executing, and evaluating health solutions when you add a specialization to your degree program. This undergraduate specialization consists of four (4), three (3) credit courses. Your specialization may require prerequisite course work. Please talk to your advisor for more information.

Health Care Informatics Systems Specialization for Undergraduate Degrees

Form your future with your Health Care Informatics Systems specialization. This specialization teaches you to use data to improve the quality of health care.

Program Disclosures

Degrees Offering the Health Care Informatics Systems Specialization

Undergraduate Health Care Informatics Systems Specialization Courses

HIM 217 Electronic Health Records

3 Credits

In this course, students will learn about the structure, capture, use, storage and retrieval of health information in paper, hybrid and electronic formats. Students will learn about Electronic Health Record (E H R) project management including scope, goals, strategic planning, workflow analysis, functional needs assessment and implementation. Students will learn about the financial aspects of the E H R as well as the E H R from a consumer and a nationwide health information network perspective. A grade of C or higher is required. Prerequisite: HCA 205.  

HIM 301 Introduction to Health Informatics

3 Credits

This foundational course details the history and factors driving the emergence of health informatics. In addition to emphasizing the concepts, terminologies and scope of health informatics, the course delves into health information exchanges, data standards, health informatics ethics, online resources and E-research. The course includes an overview of basic database architecture, design and file structure, and data warehousing and data mining in health care.

HIM 410 Health Informatics – A Systems Perspective

3 Credits

This course focuses on the behind the scenes components of exchange, standards and interoperability of information in healthcare. The course will evaluate informatics-based support resources to include evidence based practice, clinical decision support and transport protocols. Prerequisite: HIM 301.

HIM 435 Analyzing Healthcare Data

3 Credits

This course is a synthesis of the major ideas, perspectives, and concepts gained from the study of health informatics. Students will learn about the construction and utilization of health care data sets; the use of computerized statistical packages in health care; and the role of health informatics in financial and performance improvement goals. The student will apply common performance improvement models and tools to develop data-driven organizational reports. Prerequisite: HIM 301.

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