History Specialization

Dig into the History Specialization and learn about foreign policy, political and cultural developments, and the history of the Middle East. Start your specialization with World War II and recent American history, and work your way to the Middle East and Atlantic World. The History Specialization will cover history from the fifteenth century history up until the years after World War II. Your specialization may require prerequisite course work. Please talk to your advisor for more information. Find out more about the required courses through Ashford University.

History Specialization for Undergraduate Degrees

Dive in to the past, and prepare for your future. By adding your specialization in History to your degree, you will explore multiple regions and cultures and build an intellectual toolkit for addressing complex global issues. This undergraduate degree specialization consists of four (4), three (3) credit courses.

Degrees Offering the History Specialization

Undergraduate History Specialization Courses

HIS 331 World War II

3 Credits

A study of the causes, course, and consequences of World War II. Topics covered include the war’s major campaigns, its impact on the societies of the nations involved, the Holocaust, and the war’s influence in shaping the contemporary world. Through readings in various primary and secondary sources, students will also develop an understanding of how historians reconstruct and interpret the past. Prerequisites: Successful completion of General Education History Subject Area and English Proficiency. Suggested Prerequisite: HIS 378.

HIS 340 Recent American History

3 Credits

This course will examine the foreign policy, political, cultural and social developments in the UnitedStates in the years after World War II. Prerequisites: ENG 122 and HIS 206. Suggested Prerequisite: HIS 378.

HIS 342 The Middle East

3 Credits

This course is intended to introduce students to the complex history of the Middle East, focusing on the development of the core region in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Among the most important topics we will discuss are the organization of the Ottoman and Safavid Empires, the nature and influence of the region’s relationship with Western countries, the impact of the discovery of oil in the region, the causes and course of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the rise of nationalisms and Islamist movements, and the Arab uprisings of 2010-2011. Prerequisites: HIS 104, ENG 122 and HIS 206. Recommended prerequisite: HIS 378

HIS 379 The Atlantic World

3 Credits

The history of the Atlantic basin from the late fifteenth century through the early nineteenth, including the interactions of Africans, Europeans, and the indigenous peoples of the Americas and the societies their interactions produced. Themes covered include the Columbian exchange, migrations (forced and voluntary), empire-building, strategies of resistance, identity formation, and the transatlantic dimensions of the American and French Revolutions. Prerequisites: ENG 122, HIS 104 and HIS 206. Suggested Prerequisite: HIS 378.