Marketing Specialization

Promote yourself and your education. Through the Marketing Specialization, you will discover many strategies and ideas, from traditional to non-traditional, used by some of today's most successful marketing professionals. Through specific courses within the Marketing Specialization, you will build on your business competency. Through applications and online courses, you will be able to stay connected, improve your skill set, and apply lessons in real-time to your marketing efforts. Your specialization may require prerequisite course work. Please talk to your advisor for more information.

Program Disclosures

Marketing Specialization for Undergraduate Degrees

Explore different ways in which marketing and advertising shape our modern business world by adding a specialization in Marketing to your Bachelor's degree. You will expand your experience with branding, research, and consumer behavior with these four (4), three (3) credit courses listed below.

Degrees Offering the Marketing Specialization

Undergraduate Marketing Specialization Courses

BUS 317 Introduction to Advertising

3 Credits

This course is designed to introduce students to the field of advertising as a promotional force with emphasis on institutions, planning, strategic practices, and tactical decisions made by advertising executives. It will also explore the various career opportunities including account executive, media buying, copywriting, production, and research.

BUS 339 Marketing Research

3 Credits

Study and analysis of the marketing information system. Includes the organizational characteristics of marketing research, basic tools and procedures, and management science applications.

BUS 343 International Marketing

3 Credits

Examination of cultural, economic, and political factors that affect marketing of goods and services worldwide. Emphasis is on adapting the marketing strategies of domestic marketers to international operations and the institutional structure that exists in international markets. Marketing strategies of firms operation within these markets are also examined.

BUS 350 Consumer Behavior

3 Credits

This course illustrates the psychological, socio-cultural, and decision-making aspects of consumer 
behavior. Students study behavioral concepts, motivation, and the role of consumer behavior in our society.

Marketing Specialization for Graduate Degrees

An MBA in Marketing is a Master's degree in Business Administration that focuses on advanced study in marketing topics like branding, research, and consumer behavior. Common areas of learning within a Marketing MBA include marketing management, consumer and brand strategies, marketing and media strategies, global marketing, accounting and finance, market research, forecasting, statistics, and communication. Graduates with an MBA in Marketing may consider pursuing careers such as product managers, marketing executives, managers, and consultants in corporate, nonprofit, government, and other marketing environments.

Degrees Offering the Marketing Specialization

Graduate Marketing Specialization Courses

To achieve your MBA in Marketing, you must complete these three (3), three (3) credit courses of the Marketing Specialization in addition to the core MBA courses.

BUS 695 Marketing Seminar

3 Credits

This course builds on the leadership, business, and management concepts contained in the MBA program while introducing the principles and tools for managers to apply in the development, implementation, and review of marketing strategy for organizations. Topics include internal and external environmental analysis; value, competition, and strategic choice; strategic positioning; and implementation and control issues. In addition, the project requires the generation and presentation of strategic marketing plan.

MKT 635 Market Research

3 Credits

This course is designed to integrate theory and practice and develop students’ analytical skills in marketing research methodology. Students apply methods and techniques for the collection, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of primary and secondary data toward the solution of current marketing problems.

MKT 640 Brand Publishing

3 Credits

This course builds on leadership, business, management, and marketing concepts contained in the MBA program, while introducing the principles of brand publishing, trending technologies, and customer behavior. Through examples and case studies, students learn to improve the organization, tracking, assembly, personalization, and sourcing of content to establish a center of excellence within an organization. In addition, this capstone project will generate a portfolio project to demonstrate students’ significant execution of brand publishing as a core marketing function and career path.

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