Public Administration Specialization

While you’re out serving your community, you can also learn ways to enhance your service. Earn an online degree focused on public administration. You will enhance the management skills you need to perform effectively within public, government, or non-governmental organizations. Through specific courses of the Public Administration specialization, you will be enabled to master the complexities of promoting civil society and social justice while developing a wide range of expertise in budgeting, human resources, quantitative methods, and public policy. Your specialization may require prerequisite course work. Please talk to your advisor for more information.

Program Disclosures

Public Administration Specialization for Graduate Degrees

Explore your passion for public service when you add the three (3), three (3) credit courses required for a specialization in Public Administration to your master’s degree. Your degree will take a specific focus on managerial skills for public, government, and non-governmental organizations. A Public Administration specialization combines the foundation of a graduate degree in business with specialized study in public administration theory and practice, from public policy development to budgeting, human resources management, and quantitative methods that promote civil society and social justice.

Degrees Offering the Public Administration Specialization

Graduate Public Administration Specialization Courses

To achieve your Public Administration specialization, you must complete these three courses in addition to the core Master’s courses.

PPA 601 Foundations of Public Administration

3 Credits

This course examines the theory and practice of public administration, its legal and constitutional foundation and the role of the public administrator in public policy. The context of the course discussions are based on the current issues facing public agency administrators.

PPA 603 Government Budgeting

3 Credits

This is a comprehensive, straightforward examination of government budgeting. Topics include the advantages and disadvantages of various approaches to revenue projection, the collection and review of departmental proposals, the development of capital budgeting policy and other budgeting tasks. Also addressed are budget implementation, accounting and financial reporting. A variety of methods for maintaining budgetary balance, preventing overspending and dealing with contingencies are presented and discussed.

PPA 699 Public Policy Development

3 Credits

This course is an examination of influences affecting policy development and decision-making in the urban political arena. It also covers policy management, policy execution, establishing and measuring criteria for policy success, and effective communication throughout the public policy process. This course is cumulative in nature, integrating knowledge and information attained while completing the entire MPA curriculum. In addition, this course requires the generation and presentation of an analysis of a community development project.

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