Reading Literacy Specialization

The Reading Literacy specialization focuses on building additional expertise and understanding of the necessary skills for instruction in reading and writing. The curriculum was built with reference to the International Reading Association Standards for Reading Professionals. The Reading Literacy specialization covers 12 credits in addition to the core courses for your degree program. Continuing your education in a specialized area of Reading Literacy with a focus specifically on reading instruction, you may pursue work in a variety of educational fields. Your specialization may require prerequisite course work. Please talk to your advisor for more information.

Reading Literacy Specialization for Graduate Degrees

Open new worlds when you choose the Reading Literacy specialization in conjunction with your Master of Arts in Education degree. Gain an understanding of the necessary skills for instruction in reading and writing. The Reading Literacy specialization includes intervention strategies for struggling readers. You will study reading comprehension, young adult literature, and reading skills assessment.

Program Disclosures

Degrees Offering the Reading Literacy Specialization

Graduate Reading Literacy Specialization Courses

EDU 608 Children’s & Young Adult Literature

3 Credits

Students will explore contemporary literature for children and young adults at the early childhood, elementary, middle and high school levels. The ability to select and evaluate quality literature for children and youth, and the skills necessary to plan and integrate literature into a K-12 program will be addressed.

EDU 667 Reading Instruction & Early Intervention

3 Credits

Reviews of various research based reading programs will be examined critically. Evaluation will be based on cost, alignment to standards, and research in regard to program effectiveness. Intervention programs for struggling readers and their role in a traditional school setting will be explored.

EDU 668 Reading Comprehension Across the Curriculum

3 Credits

This course will support teachers and others in working with students to improve reading comprehension across all areas of the curriculum. Research investigations into the brain activity required for reading comprehension will be reviewed. Specific strategies for addressing reading comprehension difficulty will be explored.

EDU 669 The Reading, Writing Connection

3 Credits

This course will emphasize the connection of reading and writing with a focus on the content areas. Students will be exposed to a variety of approaches including vocabulary techniques, comprehension strategies, and study techniques to use with learners. Issues of assessment, motivation, and cultural as well as linguistic diversity will also be addressed.