Sports & Recreation Management Specialization

A degree specialization in Sports & Recreation Management prepares you to become a leader in the management and administration field. Courses within this specialization will challenge you with topics such as leadership, motivation, sport psychology, team dynamics, case research, sports theories and more. Your specialization may require prerequisite course work. Please talk to your advisor for more information. Learn more about the individual classes required for your specific degree. 

Sports & Recreation Management Specialization for Undergraduate Degrees

Combining your love of sports and recreation with business makes this four (4), three (3) credit specialization a good choice. With this specialization added to your Bachelor's degree, you will enhance both your business and technical skills in the sports and recreation industry.

Program Disclosures

Degrees Offering the Sports & Recreation Management Specialization

Undergraduate Sports & Recreation Management Specialization Courses

ACC 205 Principles of Accounting I

3 Credits

Introduction to the principles and procedures of general financial accounting with an emphasis on reporting to individuals outside the organization. Development of accounting reports on an accrual basis. Students who successfully complete ACC 205 may waive ACC 201, in approved circumstances.

BUS 330 Principles of Marketing

3 Credits

The methods used by producers of goods and services to determine and satisfy the wants of society. An examination of external and internal environments that impact marketing decisions, the basic elements of a marketing program, and issues in ethics and social responsibility.

SRM 401 Sport Finance

3 Credits

The course examines the economic and financial environment in which the sport industry operates, with emphasis on financial decision-making, financial management, and current financial trends. The content identifies key stakeholders and their various interests in the financial success of sport operations and organizations. The students will explore sources of funding and revenue generation, financial controls and reporting, budgets, and the relationship between management principles and financial performance. Prerequisite: ACC 205.

SRM 410 Contemporary Issues in Sports Marketing & Management

3 Credits

Sport has become a major business enterprise in the United States and in much of the world. This course helps students understand the scope of the sport industry, to include identifying career opportunities in various segments of the sport industry. The course also examines the managerial process to include the functions of management, as well as the roles, skills, and attributes required of sport managers. Special attention is given to examining the unique characteristics of sport and the resulting social and ethical responsibilities of sport managers.

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