Standard MA/Org Mngmt Specialization

Your graduate business degree empowers you to become an effective leader with global vision and awareness. Choose the standard specialization to emphasize the human side of leadership. The standard specialization will further enhance your skills and prepare you for a larger range of responsibility. Your specialization may require prerequisite course work. Please talk to your advisor for more information.


Standard MA/Org Mngmt Specialization for Graduate Degrees

A standard specialization in MA in Organizational Management degree program allows you to keep a broad perspective while considering additional key factors such as social change, strategy, and management. This standard graduate specializations consists of three (3), three (3) credit courses.

Degrees Offering the Standard MA/Org Mngmt Specialization

Graduate Standard MA/Org Mngmt Specialization Courses

BUS 644 Operations Management

3 Credits

This course focuses on the principles associated with the effective design, implementation and management of organizational processes and systems. With an emphasis on efficiency, course coverage includes: systems design for products and services, inventory management systems, distribution and supply chain management.

OMM 612 Managing in Social Change

3 Credits

This course considers key aspects of social change in today’s complex and interdependent business world, analyzes their effect on how managers position their business enterprises, and identifies decision-making strategies that allow mission-driven organizations to contribute to social transformation. 

OMM 692 Organizational Management Strategy

3 Credits

This capstone course explores the formulation, implementation and maintenance of organizational strategic management. In the context of a globally competitive market, students will explore methods of directing an entire organization. Topics include: analysis of competitive position, value creation, developing systems-wide goals and objectives, and the creation of a strategic plan. This course is cumulative in nature, integrating knowledge and information attained while completing the entire program curriculum. 

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