17 Resolutions from Students in 2017

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When it comes to tackling goals, students at Ashford University don’t shy away from a challenge. That includes taking on 2017 with vigor. Here, 17 students share their resolutions for the next 12 months. Some are simple, some reflect the complexities of diverse backgrounds and life as an online student, but all are worth striving for. Read on and get inspired for the year ahead!

  1. Kry Wheezy Anderson: “Fight this terminal illness while completing my first year at Ashford University.”
  2. Charlene Bassfield: “Taking better care of self, as far as spiritually and mentally, leading a healthy lifestyle, and reaching out to those less fortunate!”
  3. Jay Bee: “I'm going to do a TED talk.”
  4. Lisa Verran: “I finished my degree in 2016 and was unable to walk across the stage due to pregnancy complications. In 2017, I am walking to get my diploma. I told myself when I started my degree that walking across that stage is important since it took me so long to complete, and nothing is stopping me this time!”
  5. Anita Ann Burnsknox: “I'll be turning the big 5-0 on January 1. My goal is to continue to stay healthy and to attain my BA in Child Development, which I'm only two classes away from finishing. Yes! It was a struggle holding down a full-time job, and helping to raise four beautiful grandchildren. I promised myself that I would continue my education no matter what! I am embarking on a new year with a new beginning. Congratulations to all of the class of 2017! We did it!”
  6. Judy Miller: “To complete my classes with good grades and graduate in 2020, so I can obtain my BA in Psychology. That way, I can help the people in this world with their addictions.”
  7. Nicci Molina: “To keep moving forward with school no matter how hard things get.”
  8. Tashia Blackful: “Better and healthy life. Get my BA degree in Early Childhood Education.”
  9. Linares Towles: “Overcome adversity and keep pushing for my Bachelor’s degree in Applied Behavioral Science.”
  10. Victoria Isabel Romero: “Try to make all ‘A’ grades this coming year! Maybe graduate with honors in December if I can pull it off!”
  11. Nicolette Ashley Myers: “Graduate, get a job making more than minimum wage, buy a home, and fly for the first time!”
  12. Renee Gleason: “Get healthy. Take a trip with my son and husband (never had a honeymoon). Keep my GPA up.”
  13. Jenna Buckler: “Stay on the Dean's List and graduate in 2018 with honors! Also start the Smart Track program!”
  14. Mgbeahuru Fidells: “Graduate with a smile and make a significant difference in 2017!”
  15. Jennifer Slater: “I shall be less opinionated and only convey: do what you WANT only if it brings you ultimate HAPPINESS and hurts NO ONE!!”
  16. Sandra Richardson-Martinez: “To graduate by February, and see where I can go with my degree from Ashford.”
  17. Sierra Collins: “To keep moving toward my degree and to stay on the Dean's list another year!! When you get older, your goals change to more meaningful things.”

Thank you to all the students here and elsewhere who contribute to making Ashford the inspiring community it is. Read more about putting your resolutions into action, and join the conversations happening on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.



Written by Kelsey Bober, Content Manager for Bridgepoint Education.

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