18 Goals from Ashford Students and Alumni in 2019

By eansley

Ashford graduates

The end of a year and the beginning of another is always a time for reflection and goal setting. Before we kicked off 2019, we asked Ashford students and alumni on our social media channels to reflect on 2018 and share their thoughts on what they are looking forward to achieving in 2019. Here 18 students and alumni share their goals for the next 12 months. Read on, and get inspired for the year ahead!

1. Marcia D. “My daughter and I, Tiniqua W. Oliver, are looking forward to walking across that stage in May with our master’s degrees. Hoping we can walk together. Finishing together with our bachelor’s from Ashford was a great experience and success.”

2. Arthur W.: “2018 was a great year! I received my master’s from Ashford at the young age of 60. It took a lot of hard work, sacrifice, and prayers. My prayer for 2019 is to obtain a job to go with the degree. Thanks to the instructors at Ashford for their guidance in each class. Walking across the stage to obtain my degree in October was a dream come true.”

3. Toyya S.: “10/2019 I’ll be marching across that stage!”

4. Wanda S.: “Toyya S., me too. So excited. Just received an email for my cap and gown for commencement next year. Finish line is in sight.”

5. Raquel V.: “10/2019 I'll be marching with Toyya S. and Wanda S.”

6. Denise M.: “After earning my master’s, I really want to get my doctorate.”

7. Schwanda W.: “To be an all-around better person, and obtain my bachelor’s degree.”

8. Logan T.: “2018 was a great year, but 2019 will be my last year of school, and I hopefully graduate early 2020. I'm heading into the new year strong and tearing down obstacles left and right. Thank you for being a great university.”

9. Ivy U.: “So happy to be done with my master’s! Graduation was awesome! On to the next chapter of my life! Thanks AU!”

10. Llola Maria R.: “Starting my MBA in 2019!”

11. Gigi S.: “With two classes left to go, I couldn’t be more proud of myself. I never thought I could do this while working, raising 3 kids, and I never thought I'd have a college degree. When I started this journey, I had just got out of a 12-year marriage, I had lost my 12-year job and, basically, my mind. I had nothing else going on for myself and... Ashford University gave me everything back and more. I graduate in May with my bachelor's. I'll be taking a break and returning for my master’s later.”

12. Jess M.: “Got my associate this month and am planning to find a job and use my degree.”

13. Julia Brooke H.: “My resolution for 2019 is to continue being on the dean’s list and graduate next year!”

14. Randy S.: “I have two weeks left of school then my degree is complete. Next spring, our family has scheduled a fishing trip in Canada to celebrate!”

15. Meagan S.: “I started my Ashford journey this year after being in and out of community college the past 10 years and not accomplishing anything. Since coming here I’ve finished Gen Ed courses and started my program courses! 2019 I hope to continue to progress in my journey so I can have a career for myself and show my children that anything is possible!”

16. Jen F.: “When I started my bachelor’s journey back in January of 2016, I didn’t think I would be done and doing my master’s. So, by the time I graduate with my master’s, I will have been at Ashford for three years and nine months and have two degrees.”

17. Angie W.: “I'll have my master’s, and I am so excited. I'm even more excited that I'll have the opportunity to get my doctorate! Thank you Ashford for helping us succeed!”

18. Betty M.: “I love Ashford University. I graduated in 2015 with my master's degree. During research, I found out that Ashford added a doctoral program, and I'm planning to study in my field.”

Thank you to all the students and alumni who shared their thoughts on the new year. And good luck to everyone who is working toward their goals. Want to join the conversations happening on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram? Stay involved with the greater Ashford community, and let us know how you’re progressing with your plans!


By Erin Ansley, content specialist for Bridgepoint Education


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