3 Ways Your College Connections Can Pay Off


Even a global campus can feel like a small town.

That’s the benefit of taking a seat in the virtual classroom. With classmates from all walks of life relying on technology to learn, to create new friendships, and to network, you’re bound to make some connections yourself.

Take it from Ashford University graduates. Forging those connections during (and after) school can lead to life-changing career opportunities down the road.

Networking Connections

While they learn online instead of in a physical classroom, Ashford students are never alone, and the support system they come to know while in school is still there for them years after graduation.

“Pursuing my degree helped me to have the confidence in my abilities to choose any career path,” explains 2016 BA in Social and Criminal Justice graduate Cassie Garrett. Like many students, she took control of her post-graduation career by attending networking events sponsored by Ashford’s Career and Alumni Services team

Meet and greets offer a way for students to connect with one another, learn about their respective careers, trade advice, and set themselves up for future opportunities.

“My degree allows me to seek employment in many different fields that may or may not be in criminal justice,” explains Garrett, who works as a caregiver and as a YMCA youth development professional.

Networking events and the bond she’s formed with Ashford since graduating will allow her to continually revisit her goals.

“I say revisit because sometimes in life you can get to a place where you start to question: What’s next?” she says. “Sometimes, we can lose track of our direction in life. Ashford has taught me how to stay focused and motivated and to actually trust myself and my own ability to make great choices that benefit myself and others.”

Co-Worker Connections

An employer loves nothing more than to have multiple all-stars playing on their team. That’s why recommending a friend (who is as equally talented as yourself) can pay off big for both of you in your current and future careers.

“I used to work for Ashford in the recruiting department,” explains Ashford student Cass Murray. “I got a great gal [hired] who I worked with previously! She is still there.”

Murray says seeing her friend hired as a student advisor inspired her to pursue her degree in Sociology, and now they’re both passionate about education.

Social Media Connections

One of the easiest ways for Ashford students to meet and connect is through the University’s multiple social media channels. Among the most notable is the Ashford University Alumni and Students LinkedIn group and the Ashford University Facebook page, in which students are able to share lessons learned in their careers while also searching out new paths to take.

“After completing my Master's in Education, I have the opportunity now to move forward in a district that has joined six communities and over 19,000 students,” writes Benita Kay on Facebook. “I do know within myself that I am being prepared for even greater! Staying connected with Ashford's alumni and the opportunities to network has created limitless possibilities.”

Making the right connections has the potential to pay off no matter your level of experience, age, or location. Have you been using your Ashford connections to advance your career? Share your story on Facebook and gain more insight into networking with these tips from professional coach and social media influencer Michelle Tillis Lederman.



Written by Ashford University staff.

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