Ashford Major Matchup 2018

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Picking a field of study when first applying to your degree program may leave you wondering, Which degree is right for me? But now that you’re immersed in your studies, or have graduated with your degree, you definitely know your area of study is the best. And since the Ashford student body is always ready to show their school spirit, we want to hear you cheer on your degree!

Week One results are in, and we have new matchups for you to vote for this week. Take a look to see if your degree advanced, and keep the momentum going for your favorite degrees. Voting for this round ends on Thursday, March 22!

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Ashford’s Major Matchup: Week Two

Did your degree move on to week two, or did a bracket buster knock you out? Be sure to vote below to make sure your degree makes it to the final round.

Education Studies vs. Early Childhood Education Degree

education studies vs early childhood education

Both of these education-focused degrees pulled ahead of their competition to go head-to-head in this week’s showdown. Based on last week’s numbers, commentators are giving the edge to Education Studies, but will your vote sway the outcome?

Education Studies vs. Early Childhood Education
Education Studies
Early Childhood Education

Human Resources Management vs. Business Administration Degree

human resources management vs business administration

While Human Resources Management pummeled the competition last week, Business Administration won by only one vote! Will your vote be this week’s deciding factor? Be sure to vote below!

Human Resources Management vs. Business Administration
Human Resources Management
Business Administration

Health Care Administration vs. Psychology Degree

health care administration vs psychology

With a focus on people at the core of both of these degrees, we wonder which degree Ashford’s student body will vote for!

Health Care Administration vs. Psychology
Health Care Administration

Childhood Development vs. Health & Human Services Degree

child development vs health and human services

Show your support for the last showdown of week two. Which degree will win the votes of Ashford University students and alumni?

Child Development vs. Health & Human Services
Child Development
Health & Human Services

Don’t forget to come back next week to see which degrees progress to the next stage of voting! And be sure to share your thoughts about Ashford University’s 2018 Major Matchups on social media using the hashtag #VoteMyAshfordU.



Written by Ashford University Staff

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