How to Discover Your Passion Within Work & Life: Forbes Women’s Summit Recap

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It’s easy to look at the success of others—especially those in the public eye—and think that for them, finding their passion (and success) was a straightforward path. Yet for the attendees of the Forbes Women’s Summit, executives of high-profile firms themselves, discovering their passion was not so simple. These powerhouses readily admit that finding their passion was a “windy journey” fueled by hard work, timing, believing in themselves, and “lightning bolts” of inspiration. Read on to discover ways to find your passion, and let these stories inspire lightning bolts in your own journey.

How to Discover Your Passion

If you’re wondering what your passion is and are having trouble identifying it, one thing is for certain: you won’t find it sitting around doing nothing. Chances are, your passion won’t strike you out of nowhere. It’s the (sometimes ineffable) thing—fire—that gets you out of bed in the morning and makes your body and mind jump into action. If you’re ready to find your passion like the leaders we talked to at the Forbes Women’s Summit, first check out their stories, then try these 7 ways to distinguish between what makes you want to jump out of bed and what makes you head straight for cover(s).

Discovering your Passion: Forbes Women’s Summit

Though their paths look very different, Carrie Hammer, Elizabeth Assad, Suzanne Bates, and Jennifer Chan all share a common experience: discovering their individual passions. Through tireless work, self-discovery, and seeking inspiration, these women not only discovered their passion, but they also rose to the challenges of their diverse tech, communication, and fashion industries while doing so. Listen to a piece of their stories and let it serve as inspiration to discovering your own passion.

Being positive and making sure you work hard is really going to pay off too.


1. Find What You Already Love

It’s likely you’re already filling your life with things you love. Try to determine the things you do because you have to and the things you do because they enrich your life. Your passion shouldn’t feel like a chore.

2. Identify a Theme

When you look at what makes your life enjoyable, piece together the common theme weaving through them. Do artistic activities bring you joy? Musical? Perhaps the common thread is educational, organizational, technological, or a million other paths that connect your days from one to the next.

3. Ask Why You Enjoy Something

Ask yourself why you enjoy doing certain things and really dig to the root. Perhaps you enjoy something because it involves many people working together or maybe because it’s a solitary activity. What other themes can you identify beyond genre of activity?

4. Follow Your Curiosity

Dig into an interest, then dig some more. Let your curiosity guide you to turn over new insights in an area that enriches and adds to your life.

5. Make a Creativity Board

In your research, make a board (virtually or physically) that helps you visualize all the things that impassion and inspire you. Print, cut, and save the bits of inspiration so that you can see all the pieces that make up your passion.<./p>

6. Picture Your Inspiration’s Life

Who or what inspires you? Maybe it’s an author, an icon, or someone who has had great influence on your life. Imagine that person’s life and identify what his or her passion is. It may very well be the same as yours.

7. Pinpoint When You’re Most “You”

It’s hard to be anybody other than yourself, and you probably feel most happy when you don’t have to worry about being anyone else. When are you most unapologetically yourself? Think about the times when you feel most yourself, what you’re doing, and who’s surrounding you. You may not know it, but your passion might be contributing to you being you.


Written by Kelsey Bober, Content Manager for Bridgepoint Education.

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