Setting Goals This Year


With the arrival of each New Year, many of us take time to reflect and to think about what went well, what we could have done differently, or what we want to achieve in the coming year. Amy Centers, Associate Director of Talent Management at Ashford University, spoke with PAWs about her strategies for goal development and how we can use our strengths to reach our goals in the New Year.


Her recommendations include:

1. Be specific. Make sure your goal is something actionable and not just your “hopes and dreams.”

2. Set a deadline. If you set a manageable deadline and really work toward it, you’re so much more likely to get it accomplished.

3. Phase out your goals. Don’t try to do too much at once. Decide what you can accomplish in just one month, or three months, or any amount time that’s realistic to your goal.

Keep in mind, there will be challenges and obstacles you won’t always see coming. So be kind to yourself and use your support network as a source of motivation and accountability. You may also want to do additional research on the goal-setting process and the various models for meeting the goals you’ve set for yourself this year.

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