Inside Sales: Data That Drives Sales In the Cloud

inside sales

Much like its impact on telemarketing, technology continues to transform inside sales, to the point that modern companies are embracing analytics in their sales practices, hiring methods, and more.

The world of inside sales is growing faster than traditional sales, and this change is driven by data. While price, quality, and service were once the deciding factors in a buyer’s decision, that’s no longer the case. Today’s businesses must look for undervalued factors and use them to their advantage, much in the way a sports team might use statistical analysis when vetting player performance.

In the above video, cofounder Ken Krogue examines the non-traditional factors that affect the sales process, and how science can unlock the secrets of human behavior and performance.

As you view the video, you will be asked to take a personal assessment of where you are with your own EI. (You might want to grab the back of a napkin, a notepad, or one of those fancy electronic devices to jot some notes.) Review the slides. Do you answer on the high side or the low side? If your answers are more on the low side, you may benefit from creating an EI Action Plan.


Written by Dr. Ken Krogue

Ken is a Forbes contributor and co-founder of

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