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Online schools like to talk about the flexibility, mobility, and convenience of the online modality. By dragging higher education outside of the ivy-encrusted walls of traditional college campuses, online colleges have allowed students to take their studies with them just about anywhere they go.

For example, Ashford University’s online classroom is accessible via almost any up-to-date computer with a good internet connection. In addition, the Ashford Mobile app and Ashford’s Constellation® platform have allowed students to access the Ashford classroom and course materials on their smartphones and tablets. Quite literally, the world is now your campus.

Recently, Ashford decided to put this idea of the global campus to the test. We asked students on social media to share the weirdest, wackiest, and most exotic places they’ve ever done their classwork. Their responses were eye-opening.

“I’ve done homework in Paris, Madrid, Chicago, New York City, Disney World, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, London: there’s more on the list,” said world traveler Suzi Mae.

“I finished my master’s degree in Thailand,” said Doug Neudeck.

“On the plane to Germany and Uruguay,” said Florence Vidal. “I was also doing a lot of my work when I stayed in Uruguay.”

“I was on the island of Maui typing my assignment,” added Imana Thompson.

Multitasker Ari George combined his travels with his studies: “Being a History major and loving to travel, I’ve done my school work on the Gettysburg battlefield, at Appomattox Court House, and along the Blue Ridge Parkway. I have seen beautiful sites and love the convenience of school being on the go when my phone and laptop are linked.”

A couple of students even talked about studying while on the road – but not while driving, of course.

“I was able to travel across the United States in an RV and finish assignments with spectacular views!” said Charlotte Sandstrom-Schroeder.

“I have tracked from California to Michigan to Tennessee, all by car, and I have literally done my homework on my stops along the way,” said Bridget Patrick. “McDonald’s is a great place to stop for Wi-Fi!”

But the mobility of online education isn’t just handy while traveling. Students are finding all kinds of interesting places to study closer to home.

“I do my work on visits to doctor appointments and also at my boyfriend’s home and even in the car as I wait for family members at appointments,” said Stacie Brown.

“I do my responses on my cell phone at the bus stop while waiting for my kids,” said Kristen Brennan Gile. “It’s quiet, peaceful, and my cats aren’t trying to sit on my keyboard as I type.”

“I do my assignments from my smartphone in my car on my breaks at work,” said Ashley Kear. “I love that you can literally do this anywhere.”

“Wherever my phone goes, I can connect with the Ashford and Constellation apps and I love it,” said Loretta Blalock. “Especially at baseball games. I can check in to see if anyone added to discussions, plus the email alert feature on the phone tells me when someone has posted or there’s a class announcement.”

Even when students are studying within the confines of their homes, they’re still taking advantage of Ashford’s mobility. Freed from sitting at a desk for long stretches of time, students are getting up, moving around, and finding stimulating places to learn.

“I do my studying from my loft overlooking the pond in front of our home,” said Nicholas MacDonald. “This setting provides a low-stress environment to best focus on my coursework.”

“My ideal location is on my back porch next to my fireplace,” said Jamie Brant.

“My favorite place to study is the comfort of my bed,” said LaToya Johnson.

From the back porch to the City of Lights, Ashford’s students are proving that college really can go just about anywhere. This mobility has opened up the possibility of higher education to many busy adults who can’t put their lives on hold to attend school at a traditional campus. That’s the power of online education.



Written by Erik Siwak, Communications Manager for Bridgepoint Education


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