Online Classrooms Get More Advanced

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Online learning grants students many opportunities for staying at the forefront of innovation and cutting-edge developments in education. One way to do so is with technology that reflects the needs of students and their busy lives. That’s why Ashford University has teamed up with an exciting new service to house the online classroom and enhance the learning experience. 

Meet Canvas, the enhanced learning management system that allows you to receive your class instruction and engage with your online classes in new ways. Your online learning just got a lot more customized. Explore some of the highlights of Canvas and reap the benefits of an online classroom that works for your life and your needs.

24/7 Support, 4 Ways

The next time you’re finishing up your classwork late at night and you inevitably run into questions, there’s support for that. While we don’t recommend racing the clock to turn in your assignments, Canvas makes it easy to find answers when emergencies pop up. If you have a question on your homework, class material, or Canvas itself, rest assured that you can get answers—24 hours a day, seven days a week, and in four different ways. Canvas lets you connect with student support via telephone and live chat, and you can also report issues or questions via links to Canvas support staff or your instructor. It’s the support you need, how you need it.

Your Profile, Personalized

Getting your education online doesn’t mean you’re alone. Beyond the support of professors and peer groups such as CHAMPS, you have fans cheering for you right inside your classroom. Canvas makes getting to know and connecting with your peers easy by allowing you to customize your student profile with a photo, bio, and even links to your social profiles on LinkedIn and Facebook. Connecting with peers and building your network has positive benefits for your success in education and beyond. Watch the tutorial below to learn how to personalize your student profile and get to know your peers.


Notifications, Now

Chances are you’re a busy student balancing work, school, family, and other commitments. Canvas helps you stay organized with a customizable calendar of due dates, helpful reminders, and notifications on discussions, assignments, and grades. Set your preferences and choose the notifications you receive.

Mobile, Supported

Some students might say the best part of online learning is taking it on the go. The enhanced mobile functions of Canvas allow you to do just that—meaning you can seamlessly flow from working on your desktop to your mobile device to your tablet.

Changes in technology can often lead to anxiety and unanswered questions. Remember that there are many outlets within the Canvas platform, as well as Ashford University staff, that are here to support you and enhance your learning experience.



Written by Kelsey Bober, Content Manager for Bridgepoint Education

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