Anthony Allen Brown

Ashford University took my academic challenges and goals, and made them simple to overcome and achieve!

Anthony Allen Brown


Anthony Brown is living his life to the fullest. Although he’s retired from a long and rewarding career in the United States Navy, the 54-year-old father of four works as a Dual Diagnosis Addictions Counselor and also spends his spare time planning events, mentoring foster teams, composing and producing music, and working in interior design.

Yet, for all he’s accomplished, finishing his degree ranks among Anthony’s greatest achievements..

Fighting back tears, he talked about his mother’s final words to him on the day she passed away in 1990, when he was serving in Operation Desert Storm.”

“[She said] son, I leave you in God’s hands, I am so proud of you,” he explained. “You stay in the Navy because there is nothing here in these streets, and get your degree.”

Anthony never forgot his mother’s advice, but it wouldn’t be until several years later that he decided to make a go of it.”

“I would always meet with my subordinates and allow them to ‘give the Chief feedback’ on things,” he said. “Without hesitation, I hear, ‘Hey Chief, why haven’t you finished your degree?’ and my response was, ‘I just can’t find the right university.’”

One young man – Petty Officer Gold – told Anthony to look into Ashford University. After seeing what the school had to offer and choosing to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Behavioral Science, Anthony was enrolled.

“I selected Applied Behavioral Sciences, in lieu of my current profession… I personally am guided by thinking strategies for new insights to old behavioral problems and the process of generating many healthy alternative ideas,” he said. “Each step in this journey allowed me to insert a piece of the academic puzzle into the big picture of understanding life and relating to human behaviors.”

“Like many adult learners, Anthony approached Ashford’s online format with some hesitation and anxiety about tests, but his instructors quickly assuaged those fears.”

“I began with the idea of being from the Baby Boomer generation with an inability to adapt to what I perceived as a Millennial and technical-type environment. All of the instructors in my classes did a phenomenal job with bridging that gap,” he said.

“Now, having graduated with his degree, Anthony is looking forward to continuing his role as a mentor and motivator.

“Ashford University was as advertised,” he said. “Not only has my life changed, but the joy of this achievement has elevated and inspired those around me as well.

“And he will never forget the woman who inspired him to go to school.

“This accomplishment is in memory of Georgia Ardena Brown.”

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