Adeyemi Orekoya

Ashford is one of the great military friendly schools.


Adeyemi Orekoya was no stranger to hard work when he enrolled at Ashford University. “Before Ashford University, I completed a Bachelor’s degree with Columbia College, and two associate degrees at West Hills and Coastline Community College respectively. While in the Navy, I worked as an Aviation Electronics Technician Leading Petty Officer onboard the USS George Washington,” he explains.

As the end of his 10-year military obligation approached, Adeyemi wanted to make sure he had a competitive edge in the job market when he returned home to Houston, TX. So, while finishing up his time at sea, Adeyemi enrolled in Ashford’s online Master of Business Administration program.

This experience wasn’t Adeyemi’s first taking online courses. During his time in the Navy, he studied online at four different universities. However, Adeyemi says his time at Ashford was the most rewarding. “The online classes with Ashford have been the best compared to the other classes I took online…. There are no better words to qualify the quality of education at Ashford University than to call it the total package; the instructors, student advisors, and all the staff members who are working in the background are magnificent, making sure that students are taken care of both in class and in their financial obligations.”

Still, Adeyemi admits it wasn’t always easy. He faced a number of challenges studying at sea but says his professors helped him stay on track. “One of the challenges I faced was the internet availability on the ship. Sometimes the ship went through a series of Internet security measures which affected my homework and submissions but… the instructors were understanding and accepted late or early submissions which really helped a lot,” Adeyemi says. “Ashford is one of the great military friendly schools.”

In December 2013, Adeyemi completed his Master’s degree at age 34 and was inducted into the Golden Key International Honor Society as a credit to his outstanding academic success.

He now plans to begin a PhD program close to home, and he credits Ashford with empowering him to pursue a doctorate and enter the job market with confidence. “Ashford gave me the opportunity to get a better job; it was a good stepping stone to an advanced degree, and it was a challenge that prepared me for greater responsibility,” Adeyemi says. “I can now go out there and compete in the business world.” 

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