Angela Determan

I truly believe that learning is a lifelong journey.


Angela Determan, a mother of three, was already a success before she chose Ashford University. She earned her Associate of Arts in Business Administration from Clinton Community College in 2001. As Purchasing Agent and Safety Director for the Alverno Health Care Facility in Clinton, Iowa where she has worked for over twenty years, she has had a long and rewarding career. What had made her decide to move ahead with Ashford?

The simple answer is that her children - Kaitlyn, Morgan, and Madisson - made her do it.

"The people I hope to inspire are my children," explains Determan. "I want them to understand that learning is a lifelong process and a journey that is rewarding."

Not content to rest with only her AA degree, in 2005 Determan realized she could set a great example for her daughters to follow by going back to school. "I also know that I have many years left to work, and obtaining a Bachelor's degree makes me more marketable in the workforce, she says. Once she made the determination to advance her education, Ashford became an obvious choice.

Determan says she selected Ashford "because of the [former adult] accelerated program ... and the convenience of the classes and the location of the college." That was back in '05 - two years later, she graduated from Ashford with her Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management, becoming the first in her family to acquire a college degree.

But even that victory wasn't enough for Determan. She was surprised to find herself wanting even more. Initially, she says, "I had no intention of continuing on for my Master's. As I got closer to graduation I realized that I wanted to continue on and challenge myself to get that Master's degree." So she enrolled again to earn her MBA.

Determan is proud of her accomplishments, and she can see the impact that higher education has had on her personality and on the quality of her life. "People tell me that there is something different about me. I am more confident and I believe that I can do anything that I set my mind to."

And what did Determan love most about Ashford? "The class times are convenient and I can not say enough about the quality of the instructors. They have a high degree of integrity. As well as the rest of the staff, they were very helpful with all of my questions and concerns. It seems that the entire faculty really cares about you as an individual."

Since we last spoke with her, Determan moved to Camanche, Iowa with her husband, Randy, and three daughters. In December 2008 at age 44, she graduated with her MBA and proudly walked across the stage in Clinton, Iowa to receive her diploma.

While earning her graduate degree, Angela found professional success by way of a career change. In November 2007, she left her job of 24 years for a position as a Supply Management Specialist for Elkay Manufacturing. "I was told that one of the reasons I was offered this position was because I was working on my MBA at the time. I am happy to say that I am now with an organization that has many opportunities for growth." Earning her degrees has also had a positive impact on her personal life. "My girls have learned the value and importance of an education. I truly believe that learning is a lifelong journey, not something that ends when you finish your degree."

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