Antonella Scarsella

I have acquired so much knowledge! My career has taken a different path, and I am no longer stuck in that old education mode. I am up-to-date with the new millennium!


Antonella Scarsella is a materials manager for an oil and gas company in Lafayette, LA. Born and raised in Langunillas, Venezuela, she moved to the US to pursue her degree in engineering at the University of Southwestern Louisiana. Soon after, she found love and decided to get married. "Children followed soon after, and I had to quit school to attend to them. My daughter was four years old, and I was three months pregnant when I became a single parent without a choice. I awoke to a cruel world. I was a single mother with no one to turn to but myself." She moved to Houston, TX in hopes of finding more possibilities for work and a better income. There, she began working two hours away from her home at a restaurant chain company as an assistant manager. 

Antonella has since remarried, and she has had a rich and successful career. Because of her versatility in speaking different languages (she is fluently tri-lingual in English, Spanish, and Italian), she has had the opportunity to work in several Latin American countries. She opened multiple franchises as a VIP Manager and Trainer in the chain wholesale supermarket industry and earned several awards for her work. 

Even with all her success, Antonella still wanted to finish her college degree. But, she explains, her first priority was always her children. "Being a single mother, I had to sacrifice the dream of earning a degree so that my children could accomplish their dreams first.” 

Eventually, Antonella reached a point in her career where she could not progress any higher without a degree. After meeting her current husband, Antonella applied for jobs in Dallas, TX so that she might move closer to him. Because of her work experience, she was offered an interview for the position as a vice president of a health manufacturing company. "I passed the interview with flying colors until I was questioned about my educational background. I was turned down because I did not have a degree." 

Ever the example of determination, Antonella decided that she could no longer put off her dream of going to college. For months, she diligently researched universities. She wanted to make sure the program she chose was legitimate and respected. " I did my research and found that Ashford University's entire curriculum for accounting was compatible with the state university's curriculum I was familiar with. I knew I was in the right place. My degree was going to come from a reputable university." 

After a lifetime of overcoming obstacles, Antonella was finally pursuing her academic dream. "Since beginning my degree in September 2009, my life has completely changed. I am a new person. I have acquired so much knowledge! My career has taken a different path and I am no longer stuck in that old education mode. I am up-to-date with the new millennium!" 

After earning her Bachelor of Arts in Accounting in June 2012, true to her ambitious personality, Antonella earned her Master of Business Administration in July 2014. "Every new class gives me the opportunity to appreciate the quality of teachers at Ashford. And the more I interact in the discussions, the more knowledge I gain. This system is great – it really works. I am so close to achieving my dream, thanks to Ashford."

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