Courtney Tucker

Not only do I feel ready and able to conquer the business world, I also feel confident in pursuing careers that were outside my skill level before.


For students who have spent their entire academic lives inside classrooms, the transition to online learning can be challenging, and sometimes overwhelming. 

Courtney Tucker has always been one to welcome a challenge and “get the most out of everything,” whether that meant playing sports or achieving honor roll status in school. After earning a scholarship coming out of high school, she received her Associate’s degree at St. Charles Community College in Missouri and later transferred to a four-year university. It turned out to be the wrong time for school, as she’d felt compelled to serve her country in the Air Force Reserve.

“I did not come from a military family, but there was always something pulling me toward that path,” she said.”

Upon finishing active duty, Courtney began to shift back into civilian life, and immediately set her sights on earning her Bachelor’s degree. 

“It didn’t take me long to realize that I wanted a challenge, to continue to better myself through a solid education,” she said. “I [chose] Ashford based off of their reputable status with other military students.”

Earning her degree would also mean fulfilling a promise to her father, who passed away from cancer shortly after Courtney enlisted.

Like many learners accustomed to the classroom, Courtney was hesitant about Ashford’s online format. But once she got a taste of the class schedule, her discussion boards, research papers, and instructors, she began to feel right at home, and described the resemblance to a traditional school as “uncanny.”

“I knew that the uncertainty of where I’d reside, my family being hours away, and traveling for drill weekends would interfere with physically attending a college,” she said. “I wanted to ensure that my college degree would be just as meaningful, insightful, and have the same accreditation as attending an onsite university. 

“My choice with Ashford truly proved to be the best of both worlds. Not only did I get in contact with human resources, military assistance, and the finance department in a timely manner, but I was also included in the ‘goings-on’ of campus life, including career services, webinars, and other assistance programs.” 

Courtney also found the help she needed when making a critical choice about her degree path. Although she’d begun school with an eye toward an accounting degree, she was beginning to have a change of heart and reached out to her advisor for guidance. 

“He spoke to me for over an hour and did not seem rushed or aggravated that I was consuming so much of his time,” she recalled. “His attention and his insight, along with his personal endeavors with his own degree, helped me come to the conclusion that I needed to switch degrees.” 

Courtney’s advisor was pursuing his Business Administration degree. After the two talked about its advantages and potential career paths, she decided that was where she wanted to focus.

“I was finally excited about the rest of my journey, and no longer worried about whether I was able to understand the coursework,” she said. “I will never forget how helpful he was, and I am truly grateful that Ashford employs people that sincerely care for the success of the students.”

With a clearer picture of her future, Courtney was able to focus on her studies. She continued to earn high marks and was accepted into Ashford’s SALUTE Veterans National Honor Society. In May 2015, Courtney graduated with her degree.

“Not only do I feel ready and able to conquer the business world, I also feel confident in pursuing careers that were outside my skill level before,” she said.

“I have zero regrets with my decision to attend Ashford University to pursue my Bachelor’s and am grateful for the opportunity to receive my education at such a prestigious and reputable school. Thank you for giving me the education I have always strived for!”

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