I felt like my home was my campus.


David Santos, Jr. of San Antonio, TX is a sports marketing director and volleyball coach who earned his Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management at age 39 followed by his Master of Business Administration (MBA), Marketing specialization, at age 41 from Ashford University.

He plans to use his Ashford degrees to start his own college recruiting business to help kids in the San Antonio area receive athletic scholarships.

“I left school many, many years ago with 96 college credit hours [and] was pre-med at the time. Life happened, but [I] stayed the course, had a family, and ultimately decided I needed to get back and finish what I started many, many years ago.”

David appreciated the technology behind Ashford’s programs that allowed him to complete coursework when and where it was convenient for him. “I felt like my home was my campus. I'd get up, do what I needed to do, and stayed very disciplined. Everyone was very helpful, and I would have probably still been in my undergraduate studies back at home had it not been for Ashford and the technology.”

He thanks his wife, Alison, for providing the support he needed to stay motivated, adding, “The other family support was here at Ashford.”


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