I feel that my life is in transition, and once I obtain the MBA it will change for the better.


Jeffrey Lehart of Galion, OH has a mind for the future. A dedicated father of two girls and lifelong factory worker, he believes education is the way to inspire his family and improve his skills. This belief has already been proven true once when he was advanced to a Project Supervisor position at his place of work, Stratosphere Quality, after earning a Bachelor of Science degree. 

While obtaining that degree, two of Jeffrey’s other long-term goals became clear. He decided he wanted to run for State Representative of District 87 in Ohio to work with leaders to stimulate the local economy, and also to start on the path to becoming a college professor. He knew these goals would require more schooling, and a Master of Business Administration would fit the bill. But with a heavy workload and busy family schedule, Jeffrey needed a quality solution that would work with the time available. After a bit of research, he found Ashford University. “I checked out about 30 different colleges and it came down to quality of education, school’s reputation, completion time needed to earn an MBA, and cost.” Ashford offered everything he wanted from higher education. 

Even with such a tight schedule, Jeffrey found that Ashford’s online platform worked perfectly for him. He could bring questions to his professors’ attention at any time, and they were happy to provide careful answers. While still enrolled, he told us, “When I have questions, they are quick to answer them accurately and explain things in great detail.” 

Jeffrey, who graduated from Ashford in February 2013 at age 45, recently realized his goal of running for State Representative with the help of his wife, Angela. Although he fell short, he plans to run again in 2014. He is also looking forward to teaching one day, “Personally, pursuing my MBA gives me a great deal of satisfaction, and I believe professionally it will open a lot more doors for bigger opportunities and better pay. I feel that my life is in transition, and once I attain the MBA it will change for the better.” We look forward to following Jeffrey's journey!

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