John Stone

My MBA is again opening many new doors.


Like many others, John Stone graduated from high school and opted to join the military instead of attending college. When he separated from the Marine Corps, he started a family and did not have the time or finances for college. Instead, he found work as a delivery driver and janitor for Capstone Turbine in Chatsworth, California.

Never afraid of hard work, John quickly moved up at the company, and within a few years he earned the title of Production Manager. “At this time, the President of the company told me I had made it as far as I could without a college degree. I felt helpless because I did not think it was possible to work 50-60 hours a week, raise four kids, and attend college at the same time. I watched as new senior positions opened up and the opportunities passed me by. I had to make a decision - either stay in my current role knowing there was no room for growth, or find a way to attend school. Ashford’s online program was a great solution because I could work the long hours, raise my family, and work toward a better career.”

John enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management degree program, and quickly learned to balance his life, his work, and his courses. “The first few classes were difficult because I had to train myself to write proficiently, but within three months it became a routine. After a while, learning at Ashford became addicting, so I decided to take on more classes to finish the program sooner.” Within a two-year period, John completed the Bachelor’s degree, graduating with honors and a high grade point average (GPA).

His success in college was mirrored in his professional life; as he describes it, “the entire business world opened new doors for me.” Just a few months after completing his program, John was offered a Vice President position. “I am now responsible for managing the entire electrical grid through maintenance of gas and steam turbines in power plants all throughout the United States. Without a Bachelor’s degree, this would not have been possible.”

True to his personality, John didn’t stop there. He reenrolled at Ashford, this time pursuing his Master of Business Administration (MBA). He graduated in April 2011, again claiming honors. “My MBA is again opening many new doors. I’ve received numerous phone calls from companies and headhunters asking me to move to a new position in their firms. As of now, I’m sticking with what I know best, but if the right opportunity comes around, I may start a new career. None of this could have been possible without Ashford University. It feels good to have the upper hand in the business world - now I get to decide where I work.”

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