Khalid Jabr

I am now viewed as a subject matter expert and am the go-to person at my workplace.


“My experience with Ashford has been humbling, thrilling, nerve-wracking, and extremely rewarding,” says Khalid Jabr, of Trophy Club, Texas. A long-time member of the IT Industry, and a recipient of a Bachelor of Science from California State University in 1995, Khalid says he always wanted his MBA.

Unfortunately, attending a graduate program on campus was simply not an option. “I actually started working on my GMAT shortly after I graduated with my Bachelor of Science, but my work conditions required me to travel extensively, so I put that dream on hold.”

Nearly 15 years later, Khalid was still thinking about graduate school. “I shared with a colleague my desire to go for my MBA, and my uncertainty about how to accomplish this. She told me that she was pursuing her undergraduate degree online at Ashford University and connected me with a graduate admissions counselor. I found Ashford to be a perfect vehicle to get me where I wanted to go.”

Once enrolled, Khalid quickly adapted to the online courses. “After my first class, I found the online format intuitive, and I was able to concentrate on learning the materials. I attribute much of my success to my lovely supporting wife, and also to the top-notch advisor team at Ashford. Between my Admissions Counselor and my Student Advisor, I was assured that I was being positioned for success.”

Of course, being back in school while working full time and raising twins is certainly not easy. “The most challenging times were during peak periods at work. I had to juggle to balance my family time, school time, and work time, which sometimes meant I had less sleep time. But I can’t emphasize enough how it felt when I got an A in the course, finished the big project at work, and maintained my role with my children - it’s a great sense of accomplishment.”

Today, Khalid has graduated, having performed exceptionally in his program. “I have maintained a 4.0 GPA and was thrilled to join the Golden Key International Honour Society. I am now viewed as a subject matter expert and am the go-to person at my workplace. My priority and time-management skills have also been enhanced tremendously.”

For Khalid, there is no doubt that pursuing his MBA was the right decision, and he encourages others to pursue higher education, as well. “People with degrees are selected first for jobs all over the world,” he says. “Having a degree from an accredited institution increases your opportunity, especially during tough times. Employers always need people to perform specialized tasks, and they view candidates with degrees as achievers.” Khalid also offers the same advice to prospective students as he offers his nieces and nephews: “Shoot for the moon and even if you miss you will land among the stars.”

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