Kyrica Veney

Thanks, Ashford, for helping me make a life-changing decision!


“I’ve always wanted to obtain both my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, but I had to put my education on hold for the betterment of my family. In the meantime, my personal growth felt lost in the wind. I had to take a step back and figure out how I could focus on my educational needs as well as continue raising a healthy family.” 

And so Kyrica Renee Veney began to look into her options. “As I researched, I found that Ashford University offered content that was very interesting to me. I actually looked up the requirements Ashford had for potential instructors.” Satisfied with what she found, this Milton, VT resident decided to enroll. 

“Ashford had exactly what I was looking for. At any moment, if I needed to reach out to a staff or faculty member, they were always a phone call away. My instructors would look over my work and provide guidance on what could possibly make my outcome better.” Kyrica says the flexibility of an online program was also a major benefit. “It was simple, yet devised with a complex network of information. The online classroom was easy to use, and the resources that supported the program were easy to navigate. I am extremely satisfied with the quality of education I received at Ashford.” 

Kyrica not only obtained the degrees she had always wanted, but she has now achieved another long-time dream of hers. “My Ashford degree was the deciding factor in my decision to publish a book. I let a few friends and family members read my manuscript, and they convinced me to try to have it published.” With their support combined with her newfound marketing knowledge, Kyrica felt confident she could do it. 

Kryica’s book is called Mindful Commitment. “This is a new experience and journey for me, and I am really looking forward to seeing where my accomplishments will take me. Thanks, Ashford, for helping me make a life-changing decision!” 

In addition to all of this activity, after receiving her degrees she was asked to serve on the board of directors of the nonprofit organization KidSafe, where she had previously volunteered. “After finding out what my duties and responsibilities would be, and upon being voted in, I actually made history! Since the organization reconfigured and became KidSafe Collaborative in 2001, I am the first African American on the board.  

“My ultimate career goals still include teaching at the collegiate level, and running a private counseling firm. My Bachelor of Arts in Psychology will help me in furthering my understanding of individuals and human behavior, my MBA will help with the business side of it, and, of course, I’ll have to pursue a PhD.” 

In closing, Kyrica says, “Ashford has given me the opportunity to practice what I preach to my children; that education is important. I am now a living example, and they can see this firsthand.”

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