I wanted to learn more about business and do better for my company, so I enrolled at Ashford.


At her commencement ceremony nearby Ashford University’s Clinton, IA campus, Lauren Scheer stood and took it all in. She had flown there with her business partner and two adult children to accept her Master of Business Administration. “I keep tearing up. It was a lot of hard work and this was not easy, but that’s why it feels so good.”

Although Lauren has helped run a successful homeowner’s association management business since 1980, she recently faced a challenge when her company opened a new division in Las Vegas. “I found that things were done differently there, and I wanted to learn more about business and do better for my company, so I enrolled at Ashford,” she said, adding, “I didn’t want just the letters behind my name, I actually wanted to learn something. I liked that Ashford is a real brick and mortar accredited college that also has an online degree program.” 

With her busy work schedule, Lauren appreciated the fact that she could do everything online when it was convenient for her. She made Thursday nights meeting-free and kept her Sundays clear, because those were the times she had set aside for course work – and if she had any left over, she would reschedule any Monday evening meetings. “Yes it takes time, and yes it’s work, but it’s very doable. It was amazing.” 

Some of the highlights for Lauren included making friends online with a group of fellow MBA students who all had several classes together and lived in her area. She also appreciated the interaction with the faculty members. “I was really surprised with the quality of professors. You had people in the real world doing real things, and you could ask them things in the real world; that was wonderful.” Another thing that impressed her was how much her courses stressed business ethics. “In this day and age, that is something that is overlooked often, but something the world needs more of.” Finally, she enjoyed using Ashford’s extensive online library. “When I needed to look up something, I could go online to Ashford’s library and get these awesome resources, and I think that’s what I’m going to miss most about not being a student here.” 

Lauren’s increased confidence as a result of having earned her MBA is clear. “I have a plan now. I have a great business plan, and I know my company and our new division is going to be successful because of what I’ve learned.”

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