Libby Goodman

I feel more confident, and I am more proud of myself.


Libby Goodman lives with her two children in Morrison, Illinois – just 15 minutes from Ashford University's campus in Clinton, Iowa – and works as a nursing home administrator for the Alverno Health Care Facility. Libby has worked in the health care industry for over 20 years, and she has learned that health care is about much more than taking care of people. To be successful in the field, it is beneficial to have an understanding of business and finance. Several years ago, with this reality in mind, Libby began researching Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs. "Earning my MBA has been a goal of mine for a very long time. I began working on the degree many years ago and have since enrolled at a couple of different schools, but I never finished the degree."

The Sisters of St. Francis – who were the original founders of Mount St. Clare College in 1918, which later became Ashford University – own the Alverno Health Care Facility, so Libby had plenty of exposure to Ashford. It was not long after beginning her employment at the Alverno that Libby made the decision to complete her MBA. "Being so close to Ashford, I figured now was the time to finally finish it up." Like most adult learners, Libby is also motivated by her children. "I hope my dedication and commitment to lifelong learning will inspire them to do the same."

Libby initially enrolled in Ashford's adult accelerated program, ASPIRE*, where she was taking night classes at the Clinton campus. After having to take an online class for scheduling reasons, she discovered that online courses fit her lifestyle much better. She made the decision to transfer into Ashford's online program. "The convenience of online learning is great. I've been surprised by how much I've actually been able to balance my life. There are days when I don't think I can do it all, but I do, and that is very rewarding. I've also enjoyed hearing about my fellow students' lives; they are from all over the US and their insights and perspectives are interesting.

"The information from my courses has already helped me to have a better understanding of financial management, and has improved my critical thinking skills. I feel more confident and I am more proud of myself."

Libby completed her Master of Business Administration in April 2011.

*ASPIRE is no longer offered at Ashford University.

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