Set your path and make it happen.

Linda Guido


Meet Linda Guido, a single mom of two from Brick, NJ who earned her Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration at Ashford University at the age of 47. Her story is told in the above video through her Google+ account, which she used to connect with other Ashford students and even formed study groups for online classes.

Linda began to think more about her own future while planning for her children’s. “Talking about high school, college, the next steps in their lives made me think about all the things I wanted to do and the dreams that I had.” She began to research online program, since going to a traditional university would not have been an option for her with her busy schedule.

Technology plays an important part in what Ashford University does. So just that aspect alone breaks down one barrier and makes it easier to make the transition back into school. Their online classrooms are really designed well, they’re interactive, they’re easy to work with.”

Linda is especially proud of the example she has been able to set for her children by earning this major milestone in her life. “The sense of achievement from doing this – from working independently – those things rub off. So just setting that example of of focus, dedication, making education an important part of your life has influenced my children.

“I always tell my son, ‘Don’t be a leaf caught up in the wind. Be the wind! Set your path and make it happen.’”

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