Marvin Smith

Stay focused on your goal and the rest will fall in line.


After earning his Bachelor of Arts in Marketing from the University of West Georgia, Marvin Smith of New Orleans, LA, earned his Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Ashford University at age 23. His career was one of the greatest motivations behind pursuing his MBA. "I wanted to make myself more marketable on the job market, and I wanted to prepare myself to accomplish my goals and aspirations." 

Marvin learned about Ashford University from his West Georgia fraternity brother just after they graduated with their Bachelor's degrees in May 2009. "I looked into the program, and was soon convinced that Ashford was a great place to be. I knew I would benefit greatly from obtaining an Ashford degree." In June 2009, Marvin began his first online course. "I was surprised at how easily I was able to adapt to the program, especially since it consisted mostly of written assignments – something I wasn't very fond of as an undergrad. I was able to adapt quickly, and I finished the program with an awesome GPA [grade point average]."

While completing the degree, Marvin worked as a customer service representative, and then moved into a sales position before becoming a leasing agent. Before too long, Marvin's belief that the Ashford degree would benefit his career was affirmed – "I was promoted to leasing manager after finishing the program. I am able to utilize the marketing skills I obtained from Ashford." Shortly after that, he let us know he had become a market manager in training for Circle K. When asked if his Ashford degree also aided in making this transition, he said, “Most definitely. The classes helped me transition into the position; dealing with marketing, managers, audits, inventory, accounts, and a number of other things I did in my program I’m applying to my current position.”

Beyond the professional benefits, earning his degree has had a profound impact on Marvin's personal life. "Attending Ashford has definitely changed my life. I was a first-generation college student, and I ended up getting my Master's degree. Now, I am setting the tone for those around me. I actually inspired my mom to go back to school. She had dropped out of college when she was younger so she could take care of my brothers and me. The fact that she is back in school means the world to me because I want nothing but the best for her. My sister, two of my brothers, and my sister-in-law are all in school now, too." 

To anyone considering Ashford, Marvin says, "This will be one of the best decisions that you will make. It will carry you places. Stay focused on your goal, and the rest will fall in line."

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